I remember when my friend Priscilla said, “I’m done chasing the dream, so I choose to LIVE it instead.” That was a couple of years ago and I still think about it because it went straight into my heart.

I could so relate with that, considering the path of burning down my business in 2012. Why? Because I was chasing a dream..that wasn’t even mine. It’s what I thought I SHOULD want.

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What does chasing the dream look like?

Well, here’s just one of many examples I can share:

A few months back, I overheard a conversation where a mother was talking about her son’s path after high school…. “If he would just go to college and get a degree, he could be driving a BMW by the time he’s 30 and living the life.”

My heart sank.

I know that feeling – living into and up to an expectation that isn’t even true or real. But we think it MIGHT be real, so we hustle – only to be resentful that we followed all of the rules that promised happiness, but we’re not happy, so what the hell???

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the spa and had a gorgeous dinner with a dear friend. It was a Thursday afternoon and I did it for no other reason that I chose to.

As I was driving to the spa, I was overcome with gratitude. Tears. Full heart. Deep honor.

I don’t have a million dollar business.
Maybe I will some day, maybe I won’t.

I haven’t lost the weight I thought I would have by now. Yet I love my body more than I ever have, even when I was 50 pounds lighter.

I don’t have fancy name-brand shoes or handbags. Most days you can find me at home, in my yoga pants and a t-shirt. Sans makeup. Sans bra (because seriously why?).

My life is joy – possibilities – fulfillment. I create. I have fun. I do what I want. I love my life.
My marriage rocks and we have a simple life together where we laugh every single day.

I travel. I give back. I live in magic and sometimes that even looks like traveling to Australia next month to speak in front of 200 entrepreneurs.

None of this came from hustle, pushing or sacrifice. When I was doing all of that, I was miserable.

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It’s not that we don’t appreciate what we have.

It’s that we know that we are ready for more and we know it’s time to embrace, claim, and activate what’s next.

Happy Dreaming,

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