I keep hearing “you know you are living your purpose if there is ease and flow.” What does that mean?

I’m confused by this. I see brilliant entrepreneurs quit in the middle of their process because they didn’t feel like it was easy or in the flow.

But here is the thing. We are beings of nature and in nature everything has a rhythm to it. Our human bodies have a rhythm to it. When a woman has a baby, their body knows what to do. It’s a natural process. (This will make sense in a second.)

I’m pretty sure there are times when it doesn’t feel easy or in the flow. There are times of intensity, yet we know it’s in the flow because we TRUST the process and we are committed to the result.

Why do we apply stipulations to our business that we don’t apply to nature? Example: If it’s not easy, it means that I’m not supposed to go down this particular path in my business.

Yet, as women we know our bodies go through many cycles and phases. In the middle of a cold do you tell yourself that because it’s not easy, I’m going to quit? Do you tell yourself that it’s a sign that I’m not supposed to be on this path? Sure, it may be a sign that you need to rest but to totally change gears at the drop of a hat? You have to go THROUGH the cold to get to the result of health.

Yes, you do know that you are in your purpose when you are in ease and flow AND just like in nature, there are times of intensity. We see this all around us: intensity in weather, the birthing process, healing from a cold, etc. Rather than taking the intensity as a “sign” that it’s not supposed to happen, and you are supposed to QUIT, understand that through the intensity you will get your desired result. Stick with the process. You will know what is “intensity” or if you should change directions.