Keep people in the question.

That was the best advice I ever received when was studying how to be a better coach a decade ago.

Then I really learned the power of asking questions, instead of making conclusions about the “right” way to figure out a problem.

This principle is not just for expanding your intuition and joy, it’s also ideal for knowing the best strategies for your business. Notice that I didn’t say the “right” strategies, but the BEST strategies for you.

After masterminding with some colleagues, one of the topics we were exploring was how to grow a low-cost membership program to 1,000 people.

Our first tendency was to go to the traditional marketing strategies we’ve all been taught by the gurus. It’s the way we’ve been trained (brainwashed) as the “right” way to solve this problem.

The energy felt heavy. It felt hard. There was no creativity or joy. We were focused on the problem, instead of what my colleague desired, which was to be a contribution to as many people as possible.

Then I asked “How does this group of 1,000 people want to be marketed to?”

You have an energetic connection to the people you would like to work with. When you connect with them energetically, you will get answers on your next step. It’s easy, inspiring, creative and even fun.

So when you are attempting to figure out the right marketing strategies, ask questions instead of trying to figure out the problem.

First, there is no problem, there is just invitation to create something different. Will you focus on the perceived problem, or create something different. Are you wiling to choose something different?

Second, ask questions to align with the energy of possibilities.

Third, take inspired action.

Yes, it really can be this simple.

Get some questions in the video below to start conspiring with magic, the universe and your desires, instead of where you think you are missing the mark.

When you ask questions and use these tools of Energetic Marketing, you’ll stop the hustle and constant energy of “figuring it out,” and you conspire with the magic around you.