energyleakWhat do you close out in 2014 so you expand your clarity, cash and confidence?

Every winter, I look at my business systems, JVs, office, friends, clients, health and overhaul things that aren’t working.

Why? Every energy leak in your life is a profit leak in your business. I like my life to be clear, focused and drama-free.

The bottom line is when you think about being able to focus your intuition and inspiration on things that can make a difference instead of handling drama, sabotage and broken systems or relationships, you can make more money by helping more people. You create true FREEDOM.

In order to embrace what you DO want, you’ve GOT to let go of what is taking up space and energy in your life.

Personally I knew it was time to finally bite the bullet and switch from Infusionsoft to Ontraport. This is no small task when you are taking four years of contacts and customer history and putting it into a new system. You can check out why I did this and my recommendations for email systems here.

I also knew I was doing wayyyyy too much in my biz and I hired a great team last week. I’m thrilled with this decision and it’s a big uplevel in my business.
Cleaning up systems and making space for what you want is an income-producing activity as long as you aren’t using it to distract you from attending to the primary activities in your business: building relationships, marketing and sales.

I’m seeing a lot of brilliant business owners with broken systems trying to piece things together and it’s holding them back.

Things like:

  • Inconsistent communication with their list and clients
  • Ineffective payment systems. If you ONLY use PayPal to collect money from clients, you are always chasing money and instead of serving your clients you are a money chaser.
  • Collecting money from past-due clients
  • Not having opt in pages for your site or teleclasses or webinars
  • A messy office
  • Filing systems that aren’t kept up
  • Out-of-date client notes and contracts
  • Non-existent databases (do you have a central place to keep info on current and past clients)

The same thing goes for your personal life like toxic or negative friends or family. You have every right to control your environment. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t watch the news because of the negativity, yet you hang around pessimistic or toxic folks, just say no. Yes, even if they are family.

You can’t afford to do damage control after hanging out with people who don’t get “it” and don’t get you. It’s not your job for people to “get” you, what you do or what you want to BE and create in the world. Manage your energy effectively.

Where do you start?

What is the most annoying thing right now in your business? What do you just know in your gut that you have to shift? Start with ONE thing, then go to the next.

Now ask yourself if you need/want to do it yourself or if it’s time to hire it out?

If you aren’t techy, then don’t spend hours researching systems you can use – hire a great virtual assistant or online biz manager or ask your coach. (Maybe it’s time to get a coach.)

Stop thinking about it.
If it requires YOU to take action, just start. Too often we think about things and it gets overwhelming, just take an action. Any action. But DO something about it. It will change the energy and you will find that it’s not so big that you can’t tackle it.

No more to-do lists.
Don’t put it on a list, schedule it on your calendar. A colleague told me this years ago: Success is scheduled. If you create a to-do list, transfer those tasks as actual appointments in your calendar.

Have the powerful conversations.
Silence is NOT golden when you are withholding your truth. Is it time to have that conversation with your spouse, friend, team or client? Have the courage to speak up and be honest. Usually a five-minute conversation is the thing that can shift the stories swirling around your head that cause hours, days, weeks, and months of angst.

Tame your physical environment.
Confession: my office filing is out of control right now. It’s one of the things I’m tackling myself this week. Take a look around you. If your environment is chaotic, how do you expect your finances and confidence to be grounded and healthy?

Independent does not mean isolated.
Get the right support. Whether this is a VA, graphic designer or a coach…if you are doing this by yourself, you are creating more work for yourself than you need to. Ready to uplevel? Let’s talk.

Use this time to clear out the clutter. Your business can thrive where you clear out the pitfalls that are holding you back.