What if failing can actually be the biggest clue to getting what you desire?

My biggest failure in my business (thus far) was my very first large event I hosted. I had hosted many events leading up to this, but nothing like this.

It was 2010 and my vision was to host a large women’s empowerment conference with hundreds of attendees.

I had no email list. I had no business or profit model. I just had a vision and I was really good at enrolling others into the vision.

The vision was this: change the world by empowering women in our own backyard first. The more women who are empowered here, where we have ample opportunity, the more change we can BE on the planet.

When all was said and done, I lost $40,000 on that event. In the process I lost a couple of friendships, one in particular who loaned me $25,000 to hire the keynote speaker that we were sure would help the event make money. This still breaks my heart.

I was heartbroken. But more than that, I was ashamed, embarrassed and full of self judgment. How could I have let this happen? How in the world did this happen? Why did this not work out, when I felt that I was led by divine inspiration?

None of it made sense.

And there were plenty of people who told me that events just weren’t my thing and I should do something else.

And THAT was the defining moment.

Do I listen to the experts and people who cared about me? Or do I risk appearing ignorant and uncoachable to follow the vision I knew was meant for me? And more importantly, do I trust myself to dream again because I didn’t know if I could take another failure?

And that’s when I realized that other people had bigger business failures than I did, and they didn’t stop. They didn’t quit because someone told them they were crazy.

When I turned the failure around, I realized three key pieces that I use to this day in my business, and they helped me embrace failure in a totally new way.

Hint: It’s not the failure that actually kills you, it’s the shame and self judgment. Watch below for my tips, plus a couple of live event tips too.

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marti-callJoin my friend Marti Murphy on her free call on Sunday, April 3. She’s one of my favorite EFT Practitioners (Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique) and as I mention in this week’s Soulpreneur Sunday, it’s not the actual failure that kills you. It’s the shame around it.

So what if you could transform that shame, and transform it for good? 

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