When I was a kid, I hated to clean my room.

Back then, I did this thing to see if I could get away with not cleaning it…

I would close my eyes and pray really hard. I thought if I prayed hard enough, when I opened my eyes, my room would be clean.

10646382_sWhile I closed my eyes, I would have this vision of darling fairies coming out of their hiding places and cleaning my room. I knew they were there. I just knew it. Oh they were so cute.

Why couldn’t I have my own posse of fairies and animals who would do stuff for me?

But every single time I opened my eyes, I’d be looking at the same messy room.

After several attempts, I would just give up and finally clean my room myself…but all the while, wondering what it would take to be so magical that I never had to clean my room again and these fairies would show up at will.

I’ve been fascinated with magic ever since. I always knew there were things possible that I couldn’t see with my physical eyes.

But over time, that magic got squashed with common sense, being responsible, and being realistic.

But what if we are Alchemists? Magic makers? Energy activators?

You’re already a mover and a shaker… a trailblazer. What could happen if you started playing with magic in your business too?

When I burned down my business a few years back, it was because I had forgotten my deep connection and yearning for magic.

I could not run my business another second the way I was doing it: hustle, work harder, faster, go bigger.

I forgot I WAS magic – it’s my divine DNA. (Pssst, I’m not the only one.)

I craved magic. I missed it. I got curious about it.

When I rebuilt my business, my way, I started remembering my magic.

I was scared because the results in my business came from working my ass off. I could count on that. I knew that world. I knew it well.

But I never completely abandoned magic. For years, I’ve been talking with the soul of my business. Did you know your business has a voice? It has consciousness. It has desires. It has a sacred partnership with YOU.

Are you listening? Or are you doing all of the heavy lifting yourself?

If you’re curious about activating your inner alchemist and playing with magic in your business, then join me on Tuesday, May 3 for a couple of hours for a hands-on online workshop. It’s free. It’s online, so you can even show up in your undies if you want.


bizalchemyworkshop(This isn’t a webinar where I take half the time telling you my “story” and the other half of the time, pitching you on something.)

It’s the real deal. It’s my gift to you.

Here’s the link to join other alchemists and create more ease in your business (and bank account):


Believing in You and Infinite Possibilities,


P.S. I’m giving away a cool biz bundle to a lucky attendee during the workshop. Will it be you?

P.P.S. Share this with the magic makers in your life who are creating epic things and moving mountains in their world. Their business is about to get easier too.