Big promises make you feel like you may be missing out on something BIG…

<Imagine the ringmaster of the circus bellowing this into the crowd of people>
“Not making enough money in your business?  This system is what you NEED to solve the problem forever. If you don’t do it, you’ll never make it. You’ll be stuck forever. Here’s how it works…”

“Not losing weight fast enough? Try out this magic potion to fix the problem…” The 30-day money-back guarantee means it’s totally legit right?

Part of the problem that adds to this “Fear of Missing Out” or FOMO as Nancy Marmalejo calls it, is an epidemic of how advertising and marketing trainings have taught us to write copy.

We’ve been trained that our posts, headlines, sales pages, and subject lines need to be flashy and captivating in order to be read. Forget about real and honest, it’s better to be larger-than-life so we cut above the white noise, especially online.

We’ve got to talk about the three secrets to fame, so we can be, well famous of course!

And here’s the thing. It works.

Until it doesn’t. Until you realize that your motivation to buy is fear, and you’re done with fear running your life.

Another fabulous person to follow in how to write your message so it’s real, is Stella Orange. I love a post she shared last week on Facebook:


Speaking of Facebook, let’s take a look at this ad I just saw on FB…

“The 4-Step Strategy That Helped Us Build a $200,000 Per Month Coaching Business.

Watch how we attract an UNSTOPPABLE flow of the PERFECT clients every single day… and how we take a prospect from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.”

That’s a pretty snazzy headline that’s likely getting a lot of clicks and opt ins. And so the cycle begins of trying to find that magic formula to make $200,000 a month.

My friends, if it was this easy, everyone would be doing it. And please hear this, if this works for you, keep doing it.

This message is for those people who it doesn’t work for. 

This message is for people who would like to be asked what they desire, instead of assuming that $200,000 months is their end goal.

Let’s not forget that I used to sell the message of “Six Steps to Six Figures.” It’s what I thought worked and how I could truly serve people. What ended up happening is I attracted a lot of people looking for a magic pill, and when their six figures didn’t happen in a year, guess who they they blamed? Me.

Yikes. And yes, it sucked.

So what actually works for people like you and I who have come around to not just any truth, but our own truth?


…the value that you bring.
…that people can actually make a decision without being convinced.
…that there are plenty enough clients to fill your programs.
…your intuition.

Perhaps making more money in your business actually starts with you trusting yourself again.trustyourselfagain

Here are a few questions I ask myself, when I can feel that old “Fear of Missing Out” pattern influencing my decisions:

  1. If I totally trusted myself, what would I choose?
  2. If everyone around me supported me, what would I choose? (Thanks Tiff and Jack for that question years ago.)
  3. If I choose this, is it in alignment with my core desires for everything in my life?
  4. If I choose this, what does my life look like/be like five years from now? I don’t choose this, where will my life be in five years? (Great question from Access Consciousness ®)
  5. Am I choosing this because I think it will save me?

Building your intuition will also require you to unlearn some of the ways you are doing things? Copywriting, selling, marketing…and the really good news is, your business gets wayyyy easier when you trust yourself.

Start with asking questions. And stop yourself from buying into headlines that are snazzy. Just because it sounds cool, doesn’t mean it’s in alignment for you.

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