I recently asked a few dozen people what their biggest challenge is in their business and what they feel could solve that challenge?

Almost everyone said their biggest challenge is inconsistent income and lack of money. Why? They said everything from they don’t have their right ideal audience, their marketing needs to be improved, and they need to reach more people.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to reach MORE people, you just need to reach the RIGHT people.

The right people are those who are already looking for what you have to offer. The people who have already identified they have a problem they want to solve and now they are just looking for the right solution.

How do you do reach the right people?

For starters, it doesn’t work by focusing 100% on more strategies and clever ways to build an email list. Or to leverage Facebook ads, or webinars…why?

Because people who have already decided that they want to solve a problem, don’t want more information. They want an EXPERIENCE.

People want connection and they want speed when it comes to solving the problem that you can help them with.

So give them an EXPERIENCE – one that leaves them further along their path and one that they want more support form you because that means even more speed, clarity and ease in their life.

Quick Tip: Give them an experience of YOU – the real, authentic you – the you who had the desire to contribute to the world without the pressure of making sales so you could pay your bills. THAT part of you who loves what you do for the sake of loving it – not because you “have to” or “should” because you want to be a successful business owner.

Are you giving people an EXPERIENCE, or just more information?

I’m inviting you to learn how to give people unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank, or cramming yourself into someone’s one-size-fits-all formula.

How can you do this? Attend Event Revolution – it’s my 3-day live training where I teach you how to create 5- and 6-figure paydays by hosting your own small event. (Did you know you could attend live or from your home with the livestream?)

I coached a colleague who created a five-figure payday from hosting five people at a one-day workshop. She did this by offering free strategy sessions from her event, which was the sales strategy I advised her on based on the audience, her offer and her content. Her total cost for the workshop was less than $500. How does that sound?

Event Revolution is not a pitch-a-thon event and it’s exclusively designed with YOU in mind. It’s for SOULpreneurs. People like you and I don’t want just another transaction in our businesses – we want transformation. We are about transformation for both the world, our clients, and our bank accounts.

You can check out this Hangout I did to give you a sneak-peek of my 3x3x3 Event Model to make your own to fit your unique goals and business: bit.ly/event-rev.

Or if you know you are ready to attend live in person or the livestream, register now right here: www.EventRevolutionLive.com. VIP tickets to attend live won’t last much longer.

See you on the Hangout or at the event!


P.S. Forward this to your colleagues who would like to add 5- and 6-figure paydays to their business while they change lives. {Cha-Ching!}