Lately I’ve been sharing more of my “story” of how I overcame years of depression, a decade-long eating disorder and seeing a family member cope with a drug addiction. My only intention in sharing this is to let people know that REAL life happens and things can change.

As I look around my life now I can barely believe it sometimes because it’s so different. How did I get here? How am I doing what I love with people I love?

I get asked a lot how I got from the dark times in my life, what I refer to as “the fog” to where I am now. This isn’t about doom and gloom and the four steps I’m about to give you applies to everyone.

If you have overcome challenges and you are on your way to more success than you have ever had before, these four tips will get you to where you want to go even quicker.

If you are currently in the middle of struggles, this is how you can get through it. Remember, the quickest way out is through.

1. Make the Decision –
First, I made a decision that I was WILLING to change my life. The DECISION and being WILLING started shifting my thinking. I made the decision and focused on it.

2. Be Around Positive People –
I stretched myself to be around people who quite frankly intimidated and scared me because I thought at the time that they had it so much more together than I did. But there was something about people who were “DOING” things instead of just talking about making a better life for themselves. These people who were traveling, going to seminars and reading books – they inspired me. I simply followed the inspiration. (The picture to the left is my Biz Divas networking group. I started this group three years ago because I wanted to network with other conscious, positive women in business.)

3. Get Educated –
I read and listened to anything that I could get my hands on to. I think my first personal development books was “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting.” I was riveted! To think that my thoughts could actually change my circumstances was a new concept. I was then drawn to a college class that actually talked about consciousness. “Out of the blue” I was led to this class and it rocked my world. I started feeling different. I started getting different results. This was actually working!

4. Take Action –
I stopped talking about change and started doing things that scared the crap out of my quite honestly. I remember a professor in college told me that if I did something that scared me every day then I would experience success. She was right. Every day I do things that are scary. I risk everything, or what feels like everything, for what I believe in. I put my butt on the line every day so I can make a difference. I’ve learned along the way and I’m still learning.

What decisions have you been waiting to make for when you have more time, have more money, the kids are older, have a better car, have a better job, lose more weight.

When I realized a couple of years ago that I kept waiting to go on vacation to a beach when I lost more weight, I realized I was missing the point of life.

So my encouragement to you is to take action today on something that scares you. It will be liberating. You will find courage deep inside of you that will surprise you.

With Love and To Your Illumination,