I remember the moment I realized that I wasn’t crazy, just highly aware of energy.

I was in my early twenties and was attending my first Hay House workshop. I attended a breakout session led by a woman named Judith Orloff…(I had no idea who she was at the time.)

I was in search of answers because I was secretly afraid that I was crazy.

This was my life back then:

I was shy, mostly awkward (didn’t know how to talk to people), and just always felt “off.” I never fit in. I hated small talk and just didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Had there been a diagnosis, it would have probably came back as depression and social anxiety (at a minimum).

I was secretly worried that I was crazy and it was only a matter of time before someone figured this out.

Why did I think I was crazy?

I just knew things about situations and people.

I would be in the same room with someone or walk into a store and I would just KNOW things.

I would feel weird when I was in crowded places. I had no other way to describe it other than feeling “weird.” It’s like everyone’s thoughts and feelings bombarded me and I liked being alone, rather than around people, because of it.

And if I was in a toxic environment, or if I saw a scary movie or something tragic on the news, it would take me days or even weeks to feel “normal” again.

My life changed that day attending that workshop.

Judith (who was leading the session) was talking about being an Empath. 

She was talking about ME.
I had never heard of it before and she
radically changed my life.

I no longer feel “weird.” I know how to use this gift as a superpower.

Imagine my delight and surprise when my colleague Karyn Kulenovic asked me to be a speaker on THE INTEGRATED EMPATH, alongside Judith – the woman who changed my life all those years ago!

The series kicks off on June 1 with Judith and my interview is being featured on June 6th.

I’m inviting you to listen to this series for free.

Here’s your fair warning: what I share goes against what the majority of people in the spiritual and personal development circles are teaching about how to “manage” being an empath.

If you’ve ever felt stuck or overwhelmed due to feeling so intensely, this is a fantastic resource I wish I’d had years ago.

I am honored to be a part of this transformational series. Join us by clicking here.

From energy management, to finding your soul’s purpose, we’ll cover the gamut of issues many Empaths are facing. You’ll get practical tips and inspiring stories that will ignite your own extraordinary potential from best-selling authors, business strategists, healers, doctors, coaches, and educators who have integrated their unique gifts and helped thousands of people.

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See you there!

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