One thing I didn’t always have in my business was the time freedom to take off when I wanted to and focus on the really important things.

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my anniversary in Sundance, Utah with my hubby. We saw the changing leaves as this fall season approaches. I believe that the same energy that is in nature is within us. The brilliance that a tree experiences to show its fervent red leaves means it’s possible for us to show our brilliance (and for more than just a season).

Then, last Sunday, we hosted over a dozen people at our house to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. It was blissful. We made lifelong memories. It is the simple moments that create the most memorable times.

With Love and To Your Success!


Picture: My husband and I celebrating our 4-year anniversary at Sundance Resort in Sundance, UT- the home of Robert Redford’s Sundance film festival.