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Can we get real about the glorified hustle?

I was living the dream and creating like a [email protected]$$, until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I’m hearing more and more statements like that.

The glorified hustle often starts with, “How can I make money in the next 30 days?”

This “cash-injection marketing plan” becomes the drive to keep the momentum going.

Thus… the hustle has been initiated.

And so does the chasing. The scheming. The figuring out. The working hard.

This is the glorified path to burnout. We start out with great intentions, then naturally find ourselves in the “how” to make it all work. But the “how” never leads to freedom, despite our most noble efforts.

I wonder if people need to go through the hustle first to realize that they don’t want to build their business that way.

Sometimes the wake-up call is a failing marriage, or auto-immune diagnosis (I’m seeing this a lot actually and can personally relate), adrenal fatigue, income roller coasters…or just a simple lack of joy.

We even have clever names for the hustle.

One I saw recently was “hustle with grace.” Others include:
No pain, no gain.
You’ve gotta want it bad enough.
Work until the edge of burnout, so you know where your edge is. (ironic right?)
Work hard now, play hard later.
Spend a few years doing what most people won’t do, so you can live the rest of your life the way most people never will. (umm…)

The thing is, the hustle becomes the norm, not the exception. We glorify it by talking about our survival on caffeine, staying up late just one more night, and “doing what it takes” to prove how committed we are to our dream.

Our desire for freedom can turn into sacrificing our values, and that never ends up well.

And we all started down this super sexy entrepreneurial path for one thing: our version of freedom. We mean well, but we have to ask the honest question: “Is this really working?”

At what point is it too much? Too painful? We keep pushing that edge until we wake up one day and don’t recognize our own life.

Can I get an amen and hallelujah? I feel like I’m at a revival, and well, we are. The revival of putting your soul back into your business. <Amen!>

The flip-side of the hustle is where we lose self trust. 

One of the reasons we perpetuate this cycle, is somewhere along the way, we stopped trusting ourselves. The glorified hustle turns into a pattern of looking outside of ourselves for answers…for our truth.

No one can give you your truth. For years, I kept paying people thousands of dollars to tell me what my truth was because my fear was that my true desires were foolish and unrealistic.

I invested over $228,000 in coaches, programs and attending events for the awareness that other people don’t have my answers.

While sometimes those lessons were painful and hella expensive, it was worth every penny. When you know better, you do better. You BE better.

When quitting leads to freedom.

One of the things that turned this glorified hustle around is I started quitting things. I said no to stuff that drained me. I quit so I could start saying yes to things that felt really good.

I did not double my income last year or the year before that. What I DID do, is I worked less than half the time than the previous year. I worked with even more amazing people. I got my life back.

The other thing I did is I asked myself this question “If I totally trusted myself, what would I choose?”

When I ask that question, I can spot immediately when I’m making a decision out of obligation, fear of missing out, or trying to make someone else happy.

Between quitting all of the crap I didn’t enjoy and trusting myself, I live a really magic life now. Business is going great. I love my life. I reallllllyyyyyy love my time freedom.

So nope, this is not a message that has the three things you must do to close high-end clients to make six figures this year.

permissiontoquit350This is your permission slip to quit the crap you don’t like and say yes to the biggest superpower you have: your intuition.

Keep trusting yourself, you’ve got this.

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