I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, however it’s a great time to get clear on what you want in the new year. I DO love goal setting though and personally like to break it down into 30-day and 90-day goals.

In fact, I created an accountability group with three other friends as we focus on our 90-day health goals. We have shared what actions we are taking to reach our 90-day goal. When we do it, we are treating ourselves to a spa day. If we don’t do it, we all outlined what we will give to each other as a consequence.

One of the things I’m adding to my 2012 is more quality family and friend time and during that time being really present with them.

Here I am with my mom (on the left) and my sister on New Years Eve. My husband and I hosted a small gathering of a few friends and family to bring in the new year. It was a great time and at the stroke of midnight, I brought out the rice crispy treat birthday cake and we sang Happy Birthday to my hubby whose birthday is January 1st.

Thank you for being part of my Soul Vision Business tribe and making a difference through your business.

Soul Vision Stretch: Be present. Many of the client calls I’ve had in the past two weeks have been around people feeling like they haven’t done “enough” in their business through the holidays. Let it go. You deserve a vacation and time off – stop feeling bad about it. Take a minute RIGHT NOW and just book yourself “out of the office” from December 23 through January 3 this year. Just give yourself the time off and BE PRESENT with your family, friends and YOU during that time.