This question reminds me of when Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, and my favorite book, Big Magic, talked about the paradox of grieving the loss of her partner to cancer and falling in love at the same time with someone else. In the same breath – walking the line of two seemingly opposing experiences.

Last week, I watched this video by the incredible Dr. Betrice Berry and she asked the question, “How do we walk in this?” This was on the day that the Capital in the United States was attacked.

How do we walk in this?

How do we find connection and honor social distance?

How do we grow our business in the light of yet another social injustice?

How do we home school and work from home?

How do we allow ourselves to feel sadness and also hold the space for gratitude and possibilities?

And this one: how to we create our reality and acknowledge inequity?

Moment-to-moment. Day-to-day. We find our way to the next breath, the next moment, the next possibility, the next awareness, and the next choice.

Some days it’s messy. Some days it’s joyful. Some days it’s zoning out. And everything in between.

What if you’re walking the fine line of allllll of the things right now, rather quite remarkably?

What if you gave yourself a little (or a lot) more grace right now?

Sometimes grace looks like a bike ride even when it’s cold outside and you haven’t ridden a bike in almost ten years…

Last week, I hit a wall. The pandemic. Politics. People. All of it.

Then this happened:

We went for a bike ride. I manifested a purple bike that’s actually tall enough for me. People are always shocked to find out that I’m tall when they meet me in person. I’m 5′ 10″ and I’ve been that tall since the 8th grade. I’ll share the bike manifesting story another time…

Side note about our dog adoption story if you’re into this kind of thing and want to say, “awe, that’s so cute:”

In March last year, I borrowed my sister’s dog Sadie for a few days because I needed a furry friend as I was getting immersed into pandemic life and anxiety was getting the best of me.

A few days turned into a few weeks. We noticed Sadie’s energy totally calmed down (she’s a rescue and has always been a bit anxious). She seemed to really like being “the only child” in our home with just my hubby and I.

My sister agreed to let us officially adopted Sadie as she was feeling like it was time for her to adopt another rescue dog, which she did and now their fur family is complete.

My husband’s words when I asked if we could keep her (he swore he would never get a dog), “I see how happy she (Sadie) makes you so I guess we need to get one of those crate things and some more dog food.” He now spoils her rotten.

Everyone is happy and we have doggie play dates with my sister who lives seven minutes away. Yes, this dog has me wrapped around her lil’ cute fluffy paw. sigh… I know how ridiculous this sounds. And how damn cute it is, too.

My point in sharing this with you is we are walking in this. We’re doing it. Let’s do it with our hearts wide open. Let’s do it with our businesses thriving because it’s okay to make money even when there is turmoil around us.

As a reminder in case you need it (this has come up a lot with clients and colleagues): you can serve the world when your needs are taken care of.

You can show up for the causes you believe in even more when you’re doing well in your business. Money has not left the planet. It’s okay for you to receive.

Walking in this is inviting the both/and – not the either/or.

I can be sad about how hard things are for people AND I can grow my business and keep serving.

I can have sandwiches for dinner AND cry while watching This is Us AND I can be productive tomorrow.

I can be anti-racist AND be all about love.

Let’s keep walking in this. Let’s support each other. Let’s love even more. Let’s do it together.

Walking in this space with you,

And because I am now the person who takes selfies with my dog, here ya go 🤦: