Hello Divas!

The June A-List Biz Divas party was great! What an awesome evening of insight and really looking at “How Good Can You Stand It?” Auretha shared a concept with the group about how joyful can we really be and how long can we be in that state of mind? When she shared that with the group, I was reminded at the philosophy that most people are more afraid of success rather than failure. So I ask again, How Good Can I Stand IT??? What am I really afraid of? More success or failure? And is failure real? I don’t think so! The word failure just describes a process of learning. So I am officially letting go of the term “failure.”

In conjunction with Auretha’s message, Paige Paulson of Holistic Accounting, shared some beautiful insights about how money is simply energy. It’s really not more complicated than that. Paige’s insight on money, bookkeeping and tax preparation was huge. I know my attitude about how joyful it is to pay taxes dramatically shifted. Also by looking at money as a natural in-flow and out-flow process, it makes it much more clear in my mind about how easy it is to attract financial abundance. How Awesome!

So How Good Can You Stand It? I would love to hear about it!

To Our Fabulous Success!