At IGNITE last week, I shared my story of my “unlikely” success. I barely graduated high school and miraculously graduated college. After being fired in 2008, I struggled for almost two years then I created a 6-figure business in a year when I finally got serious and made the decision that I wanted success.

During a breakout session I presented at IGNITE, I took everyone through the following process. So get a post in note out or a piece of paper and follow along:

  1. Write down your financial goal you have for 2012.
  2. Now write down the reasons why you haven’t achieved that goal yet. Don’t edit yourself, but get really honest with yourself.

Now here is the part that either pisses people off, or they don’t see it or sometimes, it creates true freedom in an instant.

The only reason why you haven’t achieved your money goal (or any goal for that matter) is because you have wanted to. You haven’t made the decision to.

Trust me, I’m applying this to my own goals as we speak. This requires 100% accountability to receive such information.

So often, we “wait and see” for things to work out. Or we lean on the “law of attraction” as a crutch while we tell ourselves “If it’s supposed to happen then it will.” I hear people say things like “I guess I’m not meant to be ______ otherwise I would be.”

Sigh….I’ve told myself that in the past too. What results did you think I had in my life with those kinds of excuses running my beliefs and actions?

Making a decision means that you do what ever it takes. There is still flow, freedom and inspiration that comes in, but YOU take the action and the universe meets you half way.

Now comes the question about how you move forward, even in the face of fear.

I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t get scared when they make a change, or say yes to an opportunity. Even when the opportunity is perfect, there may be an afterthought that has the residue of fear.

Ask yourself what the fear is really about. If it’s about how you think your goal won’t happen and you will be a failure, consider this. The ONLY way to fail is to QUIT. And if you stay stuck and don’t move forward, that is a way of quitting.

This is how you move forward in the face of fear:

1. Make the decision of what you want.

2. What is ONE action item you can make to move forward? Rather than getting overwhelmed with the MANY things that get to happen to reach your goal, what is ONE thing you can do in the next 24 hours.

Example: If you want to create an extra $5,000 this month and you have a service or product you can offer, then ONE thing you can do is know EXACTLY what you are offering and when you can offer it (put it in your schedule). Then you create a list of people you are going to call. This doesn’t have to be official, put it on a post-it note. Then schedule time and make the calls.

3. Assess your results. Tweak your process and take more actions.

4. Get support through the process to assist with any “fear storms” that come up. Where people get stuck is they think they have to do this alone. Get a coach or a mastermind.

DO IT NOW! Write down ONE thing you can do TODAY to get you closer to your goals. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to take the action than it is just thinking about the action.


Success happens one action item at a time. There is no such thing as an overnight success. It’s REAL people like you and me who are changing the world. In order to do that, we must change OUR own personal world.

Create an amazing week because you DESERVE all of the success in the world!