When will your message be ready?

While playing the waiting game with my new niece who will be born any moment now, I started thinking about how every person on the planet is waiting to birth something. It’s that next idea, it’s the thought or feeling that you aren’t sure how to express, it’s the dream you have for your life…

How long are you going to wait until you give it life and “birth” it? How long are you going to keep people waiting for the breakthrough that will change their life?

What are you really waiting for? Have you been or are you currently in one of these traps:

1. “It’s not perfect enough yet. I’ll launch it when it’s better.” 

When you have more finishing touches on your message, product, idea, etc. then it will be good enough to release. When your website is done then you will let people know you are a speaker or you have a program or product to help them.

Perfection is an illusion that is keeping your solution (idea, product, business, message) to yourself and it’s not serving anyone. 

What would happen if you just decided to go for it and launch your idea? It will never be “perfect.” There will always be an evolution of what you launch.

If you are hiding behind “It’s not good enough yet,” you are really saying “I’m not good enough yet.” The truth is you have a message that is perfect RIGHT now to share exactly as you are.

2. “I need more experience before I’m truly an expert.”

This can also sound like “I need another certification before I can charge that much.”

This cycle will ultimately keep your brilliance a secret from making the profit and impact you really want to make in your business.

Being a great student throughout your life and business is a great quality to have. BUT if you are only being a student and you aren’t teaching what you already know then quite frankly, you are ripping people off from experiencing the full gift that you are. If you aren’t sharing your message then are keeping people stuck in their own challenges. You have something you can offer them right now, with the experience and expertise you already have, that can change lives. 

Are you hiding out behind certifications and “experience” as something to validate your gifts? Guess what? No one can certify you to be YOU. You are the only person who can do that.

3. “If it’s supposed to happen then it will.”

This one is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves I hear people say. It really breaks my heart. This “wait and see” attitude takes you out of the driver’s seat and literally puts you in the back seat of your own dreams. You are waiting for someone else to take the wheel and determine your best path. 

I personally believe there is co-creation with a higher power AND you have free will and choice so you get to CHOOSE what happens and when. Remember the Universe or God or both, which ever your spiritual beliefs support, meets you half way. As a teenager, I had a friend who would always say “God helps those who help themselves.” This is a great way of illustrating that you have to take the first step.

Here are the top three ways to BIRTH Your message so you can make the profit and impact you know is possible:

1. Get a mentor – A coach or mentor’s job is to assist you with knowing what actions to take and when so you can accomplish your goals. Additionally, they are that person who can encourage you out of a funk if you are stuck. Coaches are worth their weight in gold.

The picture on the left is me with a wonderful client and friend Tina Metcalf, the Abundant Soul Coach, from her VIP day. I remember her vision came to life that day. Just like Tina, YOU have a big mission and message to share.

2. Get a community – being the only one among friends and family who is an entrepreneur is a challenge. If you do have people in your life who are entrepreneurs but they don’t fully support you or there is jealously or comparison happening, consciously connect with people who are the kind of support system you are looking for. You don’t have to do this alone.

3. Get quiet – We can get really busy with everything in our lives: home, kids, business, play, community…. Take time to GET QUIET. This is the open space that is needed for the thoughts, feelings and inspirations to guide your next steps to come to life. If your schedule is so full of constant action items, you will miss your intuition telling you what to do and who to serve next. 

You were born with brilliance already within you. It’s time to birth that brilliance not only for the sake of serving humanity but also for YOU. You have a message, experience and expertise that has been intricately orchestrated throughout your life. Don’t wait another day before giving the world the gift of you.

In honor of Adelyn, my soon-to-be-born niece, we are waiting for her with open arms when she decides to gift us the presence. There are people in the world RIGHT NOW who are awaiting with open arms to receive the gift of YOU.