Feature Article:

How Many Clients Do You Really Need?

The answer surprises most people.


In 2012 I was in a race. A race that almost completely depleted me.


It was a race that I paid a lot of money to run in. And I trained for a long time to compete. It was hours and hours of hard core training.


I won only because I stopped playing the game. In a way I quit. I changed the game completely.


The race was a competition of how many clients I could get and how leveraged I could make my programs so I could make the most amount of money from the most amount of people.


I had bought into the idea that is what I was supposed to do.


I had big plans for online marketing and Facebook ads and even bigger events.


I was in the race to go bigger, better, faster…more, more, more!


But something was missing with all of this.


Oh ya, my soul purpose was missing and I felt like part of me, the part of me that wanted to start this business in the first place, was dying.


So I stopped.


I fired clients. I stopped taking the advice from mentors of how fast to run. It worked for them and my mentors were and are brilliant at what they do.


I just knew it was time to make a change.


So I disassembled the monster I had created. I broke down the illusion of the popularity contest I had bought into and I got back to basics.


My question to you Angella, is how many clients do you REALLY need to reach your income goal, to impact people’s lives the way you want to, AND honor your life and family also?


Quite honestly, for most coaches and speakers I talk to you, only need a couple dozen clients a year.


If your goal is $100,000 then you need 20 clients at $5,000 each. Or 10 clients at $10,000 each.


You might be thinking “I can’t charge $5,000, let alone $10,000! This is crazy!”


Maybe you need to raise your prices and get clear on the real value you bring to the world. (Change your offer.)


Or maybe you need to claim your real message that a more premium ideal market can hear. (Shift your message)


Or maybe you just need to get in front of the right audience with the message and offer you already have. (Change your marketing)


One thing is for certain, the longer you run in the race where ultimately only one person can win, you will lose and the journey itself will be exhausting, miserable and totally uninspired.


3 Steps to Work with Ideal Clients and Still Reach Your Income and Lifestyle Goals:


1. How many clients you really want to work with? How many coaching sessions do you really want to have every month?


Is it 10, 20 or 30 clients? What is your number? Right that number down.


2. How much money do you want to make? Right that number down. Is it $100,000, $75,000, $500,000?


3. Do the math. Take the amount of money you want to make and divide it by the number of clients you want. The answer is how much you need to charge each client.



If you want to make $300,000 and you want to work with 15 clients per year, then you need to charge each client $20,000.


Now this is the part where people freak out. How can I charge $20,000 for something? What if people don’t get $20,000 worth of results by working with me?


amienoughSo this simple math equation brings up all kinds of crap for people around the topic of “Am I enough?”


The next step is to uncover the money and visibility blocks that are in the way of you seeing what value you can provide at the price point you have set for yourself.


The most important part of this process is to get clear on your numbers, then the parts that make it happen, your message, marketing and offer, will have a place to settle.


In other words, you set the intention of what you want and the resources will show up to make it happen.


If you want some additional support in mastering what I call the 3 Money Keys in your business, your message, marketing and offer, and you want to clear your money and visibility blocks, here is a resource for you.