In the big world of coaching, I’ve seen clients who are creating bigger results than others. This isn’t from a space of comparison or judgment at all, however it is from a perspective of an observation and quite honestly how I set up my clients for more success. I also learned this when I asked my coach how I can get a bigger ROI on my coaching investment.

This is what I’ve seen across the board from people who are making the most of their coaching, and those who are leaving potential (and money) on the table.

Here is what you need to get the most out of your coaching or mastermind (or any opportunity really):

Be prepared: Have your list of questions ready for your time with your coach. If you don’t have questions and you feel stuck, then come to the call prepared with “I feel stuck..this is what I’ve done…this is what my actions have resulted in…and now I don’t know what to do next. “If you don’t have questions AND you haven’t taken action then you have no results to report so there isn’t any coaching that can take place. Does that make sense?

Take Action: You aren’t going to want to do everything your coach recommends. That’s why you hire them, so they can guide you through a different way to get a different result. Take action. Even if the action is resulting in something that isn’t working perfectly, when you are taking action and get ANY result then you have something to improve on or course correct. Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you take action. It will never be perfect.

Be Present: Don’t multitask when you are meeting with or talking to your coach. You won’t get a lot out of it. You can expect the same from your coach (to be present with you). Just be with you, your list of questions, your notebook and your coach. This isn’t a time to be doing dishes, driving or anything else, just really focused on YOU. This time is your investment in YOU. When else do you get to focus on just YOU? What a gift.

Ask for what you need: Unless your coach is a psychic, they can’t read your mind. They don’t know what’s going on, and you need to ask for what you need. I had a client whose email was just not her thing. She had a hard time putting her vision into written form, however when we talked her vision came alive and we decided that talking on the phone was better than email for her. She asked for what she needed. She got it. We could connect in a way that made sense for her. Make requests of what you need and don’t assume that your coach knows what is going on in your head.

Don’t Coach Hop: I see people who don’t like what their coach has to say so they get a different coach. Eventually the new coach tells the client to do what the old coach said so they hop again. It’s a way to stay stuck in playing small and not taking accountability for taking action. Get the right coach for you. Fully expect them to disagree with you (that’s why they are your coach) and be engaged. It always pays off if you work it. Hiring the right coach is important and that is EXACTLY what I’ll be sharing in next week’s newsletter.

When I talk with my coach, I prepare a list of questions and put them in order of priority then we laser through them in our time together. Any questions we don’t get to during our call go in an email to my coach that same week (if not the same day).

If you have a business coach, consult with your coach with all of your business decisions. Get their perspective on what you are doing. Often times we are soooo close to our own business that we can’t see what is in our blind spot. If you are on the right track even letting your coach know what you have done and get their perspective of if you are still on the right track so you can quickly course correct if needed.