We’re approaching three full weeks into 2012. Is anything different so far? Remember it’s often the small changes that bring the biggest rewards. This brings me to the point of this week’s article…are you still doing everything yourself yet you want a different outcome this year?

I see it all of the time…brilliant people getting burned out and things fall through the cracks because you can’t keep up with it all. You know you need to hire someone, usually it’s a coach and/or a virtual assistant but you have ONE BIG PROBLEM.

You don’t know how you will afford it.

I have felt like that before. I feel it every time I uplevel or add a support team. And guess what? It’s not about your budget. It’s about a DECISION.

“But Angela, I literally don’t have money to pay someone right now. What do I do?” I hear this a lot and this is what you do.

Until you have made a decision, there is nothing to worry about. Nothing. Don’t spend a second thinking about how you will pay for something until you have first made the decision that you are going to do it.

Now assuming you have made the decision then we can have a conversation about what you can do TODAY to make this happen.

Making a decision means you cut off all other possibilities – you don’t have a backup plan or plan B, C, D…. You are focused on one outcome and you are committed, not just interested, to make it happen.

Make the decision and the HOW will ALWAYS show up. The problem is then when you are in a stretch like this, most people want it to be super easy to prove that they are doing the right thing. Sigh….I wish that was the case.

You can be in the FLOW of your perfect path and there will still be turbulence. It’s called being an entrepreneur.

It’s just two steps, this is how you do it:

1. Make the decision.

2. Fund the decision. And how you pay for it is:

  • Sell your stuff, plasma (no, I’m not kidding because I’ve done it), CDs, an extra car you have, jewelry, computer, etc. Do you want the transformation that help can bring you or do you want the stuff more? Decide.
  • Sell your service (aka Get a client)
  • Get a loan. This can be from a traditional bank or a credit card.
  • Get a job loan. This may mean you get a job temporarily to fund something.

This is where folks get stuck: (do any of these apply to you?)

  • You can get so desperate for a sale that they scare people away. Have high intentions and low attachments. Don’t be attached to whether or not people will buy your stuff. Make the invitation, be confident in your value and someone will say yes.
  • You don’t want to sell. Do you have issues with selling? If so, you likely actually have issues with your own value and offering it to people. Let go of your money stories. Sales isn’t slimy unless you make it that way.
  • You are more comfortable where you are. If it’s not painful enough for you to change your support team, then it will eventually cause your business to implode. Get help when you start to feel those pains, not after you have lost customers because you don’t have enough help to follow through.
  • You worry yourself into a panic. Stop making up stories about why you can’t do something. You will be amazed at the resources that come together with a clear decision.
  • Are you a control freak? Micromanaging people sucks. Being micromanaged sucks. So don’t do either.

If you are struggling to ask for help in your business, then ask yourself:

  • When was the first time you told yourself you had to do this on your own in order to really be successful?
  • If hiring help in the past hasn’t worked out, what about your expectations, communication and systems must change in order to get the job done AND make you happy?
  • If you are wondering if you do really need the help, then ask yourself “Can I do it THIS WAY for the next 20 years and be where I want to be financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically? If the answer is NO, then it’s time to hire someone.