First and foremost, never trade with a coach. If you do a “trade” follow my trade guidelines.

There are a thousand choices for coaches for your business, life, marriage, kids, health, losing weight, organization, and on and on. How do you choose the right one?

I love the world of coaching. If you wanted to compete in an athletic event, would you think twice about hiring a sports coach? However, I used to attempt to build my business by myself and see people try to justify it to themselves of why they are worth the investment to have success in their business, money, relationships, health and purpose. There is nothing to justify. You are worth it.

Having now worked with business coaches for almost two years, my business has more than quadrupled. I went from making hundreds of dollars a month to having a 6-figure business. I’ve spoken at more than a dozen stages in the past twelve months with more happening in 2012, I work 30 hours a week (during my non-event peak times), my marriage is great and I’m getting my fitness on track again.

The bottom line: My life is a complete 180 to what it was two years ago. It takes an honest person who cares more about YOU and you living your potential than being liked to point out your blind spots. Whether you work with a coach or are in a mastermind, these tips will save you thousands of dollars and shave off months if not years from your timeline.

How to choose a coach:

Do they resonate? Do they get you? Do they have the same values? Values as in how the world works (not religious or morality). For example, I value equality and peace. I value using intuition and laws of the universe (law of attraction, etc.) in addition to hard-core strategies that aren’t so sexy. I value personal development and the importance that mindset has in my life and business. I value connection, accountability and integrity. I look for people who have the same “vibe” of who I am and where I’m headed.

WARNING: Coaches who resonate and your intuition tells you it’s a match can be distracted by the natural nervousness of making a new investment and up-leveling. It’s normal to feel a nervous excitement because you are entering new territory. This is a good sign!

Have they done what you want to do? I wanted to create a six-figure business so I hired a coach who had created a six-figure business. I wanted to build even bigger events with bigger audiences so I hired a coach who had successfully produced profitable events with over 500 people. If I want to run a marathon (like that will ever happen) I’m going to hire someone who has run a marathon, not just watched one on TV. Make sense? So get clear with what you want then seek it out. Not all coaches are created equal. Also, I don’t pay attention to credentials. I pay attention to results.

A coach with a coach has more to give. People who don’t have any intake of information coming into their life or business get burned out, their ego takes over and if they aren’t learning and expanding then you can only learn so much from that coach. When you work with people who intentionally invest in their business and life then they value their own growth and personally that’s a ripple effect I want to be a part of.

Hire the right coach for the right area. One coach won’t serve all of your needs. Example: If you have past trauma that you need to heal from past abuse, you need to work with a professional to get that handled while you work with a coach to build your business. One person can’t do everything. My business coach isn’t the coach to help my fitness goals. Don’t expect one coach to serve all of your needs. Get the right help for the right areas you are committed to enhance.