As you can see from the above Summer Bliss photo, I recently saw the Broadway musical Wicked. It was amazing. I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t.

I kept thinking something was “off” when I bought the tickets but I ignored that feeling.

It wasn’t until the night of the play that I realized I had been duped. I didn’t realize I purchased the tickets from a scam site. They basically position themselves as the “official” ticket agent for the performance, charge double the rate then buy the tickets from the real agent. Then hopefully they send you the real tickets, but only after you paid double plus a $30 “convenience fee.”So as we arrived to the theater, I had no idea if my tickets were legitimate or not. Turns out they were, but I paid more than double than what they actually cost from the real ticket agent.

I was super pissed. I was pissed off for an entire day. I couldn’t figure out why I was so mad. I’m usually good at learning the lesson and moving on.

I was ticked about “wasting” money. But then I got it.

I HATE the feeling that I have been duped or lied to. I was angry that with all of the innovation in the world and causes to be a part of, this company (excite.com and Best Time Entertainment) were taking advantage of people. They were taking advantage of good people like me.

I was duped.

Or was I?

Was I really mad at them? Or the wasted money?

I was actually mad at myself. I ignored my intuition.

When I was buying the tickets my intuition that was saying “Are you sure you have to buy these tickets right this second?” “Maybe you should hold off on this for a day and make sure this is the night you want to see this.”

I was worried that the tickets would sell out for some reason. I was anxious to buy the tickets to surprise my hubby. I wanted to be the hero in our marriage. My ego likes being the hero. I like doing nice things for my family and friends – sometimes at the expense of my own healthy boundaries. I’m human and this is super annoying sometimes.

Dammit. Everything really IS a projection of something I’m judging about myself.

This feeling was familiar and brought up decision I made in my business that turned out to be expensive lessons. Here are a few:

  • Hiring mentors for 12-month programs when I really just needed a VIP day.
  • Hosting an event at the WRONG venue.
  • Marketing my business in a “popular” way instead of what is authentic for me. The marketing falls flat and I redo it MY way, which usually works wayyyy better.
  • Hiring vendors that were not a good fit.Everything on paper looked awesome, but my gut told me no. I did it anyway. I paid the price.
  • Taking on a client who wanted me to run their business instead of putting the work in themselves. Ugh.

You’ve been there right? On some level or another.

rule of a ladyThe moral of the story?

  1. Follow your intuition. No matter how good it seems, your intuition is always right on.
  2. Trust yourself. This is closely tied to #1, but a lot of times people want to follow their intuition but they don’t trust their decisions. This just gets messy.
  3. Make decisions from a place of abundance and trust. (Compared to making decisions form a place of scarcity.

Do this and you will know which marketing strategies are the best options for you. You will make decisions in your business that lead to opportunities and the right clients. You will charge what is authentic for you and truly reflects your value.

Resource: Intuitive Marketing in my Marketing System. Email my team if you want the deets.