It was the summer of 2008 and I walked into my manager’s office and he informed me that I was being “laid off,” which is a fancy word for being fired.

I took it as a not-so-subtle sign that it’s time to do my own thing and stop being miserable working for other people.

I was thankful and freaked out at the same time. I had been running some hobbies (not full businesses if I’m honest because businesses are profitable) for a couple of years and this change in circumstances forced me to get honest and take action. Yet I struggled for another year before I really got clear about what I wanted and got serious about creating results!

About 18 months ago I fired myself! I found that I was wasting precious resources doing things I hated and feeling overwhelmed. I got serious and hired my first real business coach. And I haven’t looked back since.

I had the same excuses you have heard and probably used yourself:

  • I don’t know how to pay for a coach.
  • I can’t afford to hire a VA.
  • I can’t afford to travel to events where I know my target market is.
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I’m overwhelmed.
  • I’ll keep doing what I’m doing because eventually it’s got to work out.

During this journey, I’ve taken risks that I didn’t see other people taking and I thought “I’m either crazy or really brave.” (or both)

Three years later after I got fired from the corporate world I have a successful business, I know who I am, I know my value, I have the life I love and it just keeps getting better.

The truth is is it took a lot of hard work. I didn’t give up even when I lost $40,000 on my first event I ever produced. Even when I had work fit for three full-time employees and I had just ME. Even when I didn’t know that there was such a a thing as business coaches who could shorten the learning curve. Day after day I kept going.

That’s why I know you can do it too.

What I would have done differently:

  • Gotten feedback from someone who had already done this from the very beginning (rather than waiting 18 months) (aka hired a coach)
  • I would have fired myself from managing details and just did what I do best is being the visionary and planner.
  • I would have hired a VA a LONGGGGG time ago!

Do you need to fire yourself? If you had an employee who was producing the results you are producing now, would you fire them?

Remember you don’t have to do everything in your business; you just have to make sure it all gets done. Do what you do best and fire yourself from the rest. Make the 18-month very expensive frustrating learning curve I had disappear and get the support you deserve so you get the results you want NOW. It’s not about budget or time, it’s about a decision.

Create your bliss. Live in abundance. Give back. Have it all.