At the end of 2014, I asked for two things:
1. A tool that could help my clients and I move through blocks at lightning speed that actually worked. I was sick of taking months and years to change patterns and results.
2. More magic. I chose MAGIC as my word for 2015. I knew there was power within me that wasn’t being used and I got really curious about what else was possible.

*And both of them happened when I reached out to my friend Cory Michelle.*

You see, she was living in such a way that inspired me. She had something I didn’t.

I was done with the struggle and working my @$$ off as a way to hopefully, someday get ahead only to keep falling short.

I had the desire for ease, joy and creating MORE without sacrifice, hustle and working so hard for it that I didn’t enjoy it. I had already attempted to create that way and I was done.

In January of this year I attended a 5-day training that changed my life.

Now I have done a LOT of personal development work on myself. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn the “secrets” to success.

Some of the things would make a difference but with a lot of hard work. I’m totally willing to work hard, but struggle? I was done with it. But I didn’t know how to create my life and business any other way.

After all, I had invested $200,000 in five years only to be told that I needed to work even harder.

I’m so glad I listened to my soul whispering to me that there was another way. There was a way of ease, joy and magic and it was something that I was willing to step into fully.

*I was done with my addiction to struggle.*

In January I spent five days learning from my friend Cory learning Access Consciousness tools that totally changed my life and what I believed to be possible.

I’ve had her speak at two of my events because I want to get these tools to as many people as I can.

What’s different now that I use the tools I learned in January?

I have accomplished things in the past 6 months that I had planned to take 18+ months. I have tapped into creating with ease. I’ve remembered my magic. I experience every-day joy and magic. I create miracles all around me.

I have a totally different relationship with my body and with money – two things that I secretly wondered if I would ever get a handle on.

At my recent event IGNITE, Cory shared a couple of the tools I learned at this five-day training. But it’s just the beginning. So if you were at Ignite and desire MORE, then check out her next 5-day training in Salt Lake City, UT August 19-23.

I promise your life will never be the same. If you don’t want change, then don’t watch the video below. Or if you insist on staying addicted to struggle like I was a couple of years ago, then you may not be ready to create change with ease and joy.

If you desire more ease, joy and magic, then definitely don’t watch the video that Cory and I made for you. You may actually ignite a change that is so profound that you may not recognize your life a few months from now.

As airy-fairy as this may sound, it’s true: change can come easily. You are magic.

See what I mean here:

So what is possible? Explore your magic here.

I can’t wait to see what opens up for you when you step into more of your magic.