*The image below is a screensaver you can save to your mobile device. It’s a great way to remind you to ask expansive questions.

There are so many points of view about what we should and shouldn’t do. What we are willing and unwilling to do. ⁠

Where did those points of view come from?⁠

Are they true for us? Or have we embraced them so much, they are now part of our identity?⁠

In business, this looks like:⁠

😏 Premium pricing is the only way to really own your value.⁠

😏 Low-cost programs will only attract broke people.⁠

😏 If you have 5,000 people on your email list, you are good enough to be on a telesummit. ⁠

😏 The best day to send your newsletters is on Tuesday at 11 am Pacific time. ⁠

All of this stuff was made up by someone and enough people started believing it and perpetuating it, that it somehow appears to be “true.” ⁠

Put all of those right and wrong ways to grow your business to the side. ⁠

Get present to what YOU want. ⁠

Ask this question from the place of genuine curiosity. ⁠

And see what unfolds. notice where your energy goes. Notice what “random” piece of clarity drops in when you least expect it. ⁠

All because you asked a question. ⁠

I’m getting ready to host another round of my popular ASK class. This 3-part class is all about how to use expansive questions to grow your business. ⁠

It’s where magic meets action and soul meets strategy. ⁠