You’ve probably experienced this too.

You get an idea for your business. You start taking action. You launch it. It flops.

Here’s the thing, marketing is an experiment. You can never predict 100% how it’s going to turn out.

I was on a webinar that Darla LeDeux held this week and something she said gave me this sigh of relief because I was reminded that I’m not the only one who does something and it doesn’t work out.

She shared the experience of holding an event and it went great. Filled the room…had great sales, both things you want at an event. She decided to hold another event and did the “rinse and repeat” action.

The second time it didn’t work. Why not?

Because she had changed as a person. She had evolved. The marketing that worked for the old Darla didn’t work for the new Darla.

I’m using Darla’s name here, but this is me too. And it is most certainly you. 

What worked last year will likely not work currently, and will most certainly not work next year.

How do you navigate the evolution that you go through as a person AND as a business?

I’ve searched high and low for this answer. It’s not in a program. It’s not in a coach. It’s not on Facebook.

The answer is simple. It may be the thing you are running from because if it’s wrong, then you interpret it to be that YOU are wrong and that is a lie.

The answer is your INTUITION.

I Googled the definition of Intuition and was totally disappointed with how it’s defined. Now understand why Intuition gets written off as something that isn’t’ real or is just for the airy fairy folks.

Definition 1: The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. 
Or how about this one: A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Nope. That is NOT what intuition is.

Intuition is the realization of your connection to all that is, including source (universe, God, Buddha, unconditional love, quantum physics, whatever word resonates with you) and allowing that source to come THROUGH you as a guide to know what next steps to take and when for everything in your life.

It’s that gut feeling of people you want to connect with. It’s the instant knowing in your heart that you should pick up the phone and call someone and that is the moment they needed someone to believe in them.

==> The same thing applies to your business.

Where Intuition gets really powerful is when you trust the intuition and TAKE ACTION on it. 

People become a victim to intuition by saying stuff like “If it’s supposed to be then it will.” Change never happened by people taking a back seat to “if it’s supposed to be then somehow, something else will move me to make it happen.”

Don’t confuse this with doing everything you absolutely can and then it’s time to totally surrender it to happen at the timing it’s supposed to.

I used to think surrender meant giving up and throwing in the towel. I used to think surrender was for the weak. 

That is, until I heard Michael Beckwith define it. He says something like this “Surrender is YIELDING to the possibilities of greatness to flow through you always.” (Michael is the founder of the Agape Center in CA and a spiritual teacher I adore. You may have seen him on The Secret.)

What does all of this have to do with making money?

I know that when I shut off my intuition in my early teen years all the way through a lot of my adult life (in an attempt to be invisible and “fit in”), I got myself into a lot of messes.

As I’ve allowed myself to turn that intuition back on, I make quicker decisions in my business. I have confidence to take action on those decisions. Everything works more smoothly. I make more money and I make money easier because I’m not fighting the natural flow of things. I’m in tune enough to know when the flow changes and how to adapt to it.

A lot of things are changing in the world of business. If you want to navigate the changing landscape of the dying information age and technology age and join the transformation age, your intuition can be your biggest asset in your business.

Trust your gut. When you do, you’ll usually be scared. It won’t feel easy, but you know it’s the right step. If it scares you, you know you are on the right path.

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