I’ve got an invitation for you.

Here’s the simple version:

I’m inviting up to 10 transformational entrepreneurs who want to work with me over the course of five months who would like to create the following core results:

  • Consistently make money in their business
  • Craft their message that represents ALL of who they are, which skyrockets their confidence and also attracts their dream clients
  • Have a marketing plan that feels amazing AND gets results consistently
  • Activate their magic in deeper ways to create more ease in their life, business, and in their money

Side effects typically include: increased confidence, self-trust, clarity on what to offer and what to charge, knowing how to grow your business instead of “hope” for things to change, and much more.

This isn’t a 5-figure investment, in fact it’s the most affordable way to work with me and get some private time with me as well as live time in a small group setting.

I’ve designed this after doing some deep soul searching about how to help people get real results and keep it a doable investment.

If that sounds like something you are looking for, awesome. Read on. If not, totally cool and no need to keep reading.

Here are the details…

Since you are still reading, this tells me you’re creating something that lights you up. You know that your work matters.

You may be just starting out or been doing your work for years. Either way, you’d love to grow your business with more consistency, ease, and magic. The bottom line is you’d like to make more money doing the work you love.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that you’ve invested a lot of time and money and it hasn’t created consistent results. Many people come to me after trying to fit themselves into formulas that promised big results only to leave those programs feeling like they are flawed, they’re unsure of themselves, and now they’re in debt vs being profitable.

Or maybe things are going pretty well and it’s time to grow beyond what you’ve gotten comfortable with – but without the hype or hustle. #beentheredonethat

I’m inviting up to 10 people into a Business Alchemy Immersion with me for five months. The focus of this program is to clarify your message, create and execute a marketing plan that works for you, and get consistent clients.

It’s not all of the bells and whistles of online marketing and using fads to quadruple your business. It’s about creating consistent income working with people you love and doing the work that you love. It’s about getting back to basics and no more confusion, distraction, and complicating the hell out of things. (Not that I’ve ever done that….)

What’s Possible:

At the end of this 5-month immersion, you’ll know exactly how you build your business and be doing it. You’ll get results if you’re willing to be coachable, get uncomfortable while knowing what works for you, and take action.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, what I’ve seen time and time again is people who have invested a lot of time and money in programs but at the end of it, they didn’t have the basic foundation to grow a business:

– They weren’t clear on what they do and how it’s relevant to people so they get paid. (message)

– They didn’t know HOW to get clients consistently and in a way that resonates with who they are. (sales and marketing)

– Their self-doubt hijacked their goals time and time again. (magic and mindset)

– Their relationship with money wasn’t working and in some cases, they downright sabotaged themselves with their money choices. (money)

– They didn’t know what to offer and how to deliver it to their clients to get results and to get paid well. (money-makers)

I’ve lost count of how many people came to me after investing tens of thousands of dollars on programs but still didn’t have these core 5 elements clear in their business: message, marketing, magic & mindset, money, money-makers.

For the last 14 months, I’ve dug deep into this industry-wide that has LOTS and LOTS of programs and products, but not so many results.

Here’s what I discovered that was surprising:

Not everyone wants to be empowered.

Not everyone is willing to choose what actually works best for them.

Some people don’t really want to be a business owner. The idea of it sounds sexy, but when it really comes down to it, it’s not a priority to them.

I say this because this is for people who are committed to creating a business that truly works for them. This is not for you if you’re looking for a magic pill of “just tell me what to do.”

If however, you are looking for guidance on solid business principles that will generate results, you’re willing to take action, and you’re ready to trust yourself and your ability to create, this could be a fantastic fit. No hype or hustle. Of course, using your intuition is part of the magic we’re creating.

Why me?

Over the last ten years, my superpowers have deepened. I’m taking the experience I’ve had running my business and skills I’ve been using with clients for the last decade and synthesizing it into 5 core elements: Magic/Mindset, Message, Marketing, Money-Makers (your offers), and Money.

I’ve not doubled my business every year and “CRUSHED” it like the Facebook ads claim. I don’t preach what I haven’t done myself many times over.

What I HAVE done is grown my revenue and profit, and increased my cash flow. I’ve increased my time off, simplified my life and business, and I LOVE my life. Magic is my everyday reality vs trying to “manifest” and hoping that things will change. I create what I desire. Life, money, and business are easy. I trust myself. I travel the world and enjoy time with my friends and family. I love the work that I do.

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for ten years. I did messaging, graphic design, marketing, and copywriting for another ten years before that in corporate. I didn’t just have my first ten-thousand dollar month then claim I can help you do the same. I’ve had dozens of $10,000++ months.

And this didn’t happen overnight. I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve chased after the wrong things. I’ve done things backwards. I’ve had things completely fail and flop. And I get back up – smarter, wiser, and kinder.

After all of the things I’ve done in my business from live events to life coaching to marketing, it keeps coming back to the basic 5 elements:

At the center of these five elements is YOU – your essence, gifts, talents, strengths, desires, targets, and capacities. Your business is powered by YOU. The strategies you implement are done by YOU. This means that your business will be unique to you. You can’t fit into a formula.

The other question I’ve been playing with is why take 12 months for a program when go-getters can accomplish things in a shorter time?

That’s why this program is five months. We start August 15 and with the holidays in November and December, we will end at the end of January.

Here’s how it works:

The first 30-days is the quick-start so you get clarity and create momentum quickly!

We kick things off with a 60-minute private session with me to focus on your message and your targets of what you desire to create. This clarity alone is priceless.

You’ll know what makes you stand out, how you help people, and know how to communicate it in a way that attracts people who are excited to pay you. You’ll also know why you are creating what you are creating, which gets you out of your own way and you won’t be wondering if your motivation will last.

Then we have a group 3-hour virtual VIP day to map out your offers and marketing plan. You’ll know what you are doing week-by-week.

After the first 30-day quick-start, we meet twice a month (live on zoom) as a group for coaching, training, facilitation, and answers to your questions.

In between the weeks where we meet live, you have trainings to access based on your core focus. For some people it will be messaging. For others it will be marketing, etc. All of the trainings are accessible 24/7.

Throughout the course, I’m available for questions and to review things through our private Facebook group.

We dedicate five months building your business, your way.

What’s the investment?

To work with me privately for six months, it’s $10,000-$12,000 depending on what services we work on together.

This program is $3,000 USD.

$500 holds your spot with the rest due by August 13. Or you can do a pay-in-full for $2,500 and save $500.

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada receive a $250 discount for country pricing.

The Power of Co-Creation:

While there is content that I’ll be delivering, I’m all about following the energy and meeting the needs of each person and the group as a whole. So there is flexibility in the content and together, we create the curriculum for what is needed.

Programs like this are my absolute favorite way to contribute to clients. Why?

With the focused one-on-one time with me, we quickly create clarity rather than waiting for months for you to get clear on what’s next.

The live sessions through Zoom mean you can attend from anywhere and it’s LIVE so I address what’s happening with you NOW.

Plus, the content library means that for how-tos, you can get that answered and we don’t have to take up live time with me to train on how-tos.

Lastly, you’re friggin’ brilliant. The other participants are too. So you’ll connect with brilliant minds to give and receive.

You’ll love the clarity, momentum, accountability, action, and real results.

Here are the requirements to apply:

  1. You must have a business. If you are thinking about starting one or wondering if you should, then this isn’t a fit for you.
  2. You must be a service-based business. If you are manufacturing a product then it’s not a fit.
  3. You must be willing to take action and be willing to get uncomfortable. There is a difference between something that’s not congruent with you vs leaving your comfort zone. You gotta leave the same ol’ thing that you know to create something new.
  4. You must be willing to trust yourself WHILE being coachable and receiving outside input. Tapping into and trusting your intuition is crucial.

Is this a fit for you? Let’s find out.

How this works is you’ll apply here. I’ll review your application and if we don’t already know each other, I’ll send you a link to book a time to chat.

Based on the questions you answer in this questionnaire, I may know just by reading your responses that you’re a fit and will reply letting you know. If you accept, then you’re in. If we need to set up a time to talk, we schedule a time to chat.

If we book a time to chat, you don’t need to brace yourself for a big sales pitch. It’s just not my style. I trust that you know what’s best for you and you’ll know what to choose that honors that.

Will you get results?

I show up 100%. When you show up 100% and take action, I believe that you will. This isn’t about hustle. It’s about alignment, congruence, taking action, and following what’s true for you.

My approach is where intuition and energy meets strategy and action.

Side note: I’m in route driving up the Oregon Coast in the US with my crazy awesome family for a Goonies adventure so I’ll be holding interviews after July 24. I’ve been getting requests for a program like this for over a year so if you are interested, submit your information now as the spots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis for people it’s a fit for.

I wonder what we can create together that’s never been created?

In Gratitude,

P.S. Will I run this program again? Possibly. If I run it, the next round will start in January 2019.

P.P.S. Where is the sales page? I’m not fussing with it. The details are here. Check in with your gut. If it’s a yes to connect, then apply here.

P.P.P.S. If I don’t feel that you’re a fit for this program, I’ll provide some suggestions that are a better fit.

Any other questions? Reply back to this email and my kick-ass team will get back to you within 48 business hour.