master-bedroomI’ve been in home improvement mode the past two weeks.

It’s true, all of the power tools my husband and I own are technically mine. It’s just one of the great things that I brought to our relationship. There is something so bad @$$ about holding a power drill. Lol

I’m the nerd who can spend hours in Home Depot or Lowes just looking at all of the possibilities. It comes from having a mother who is an amazing interior designer and a father who is a contractor.

I love to build things. I love to make things pretty.

affirmationsThe home improvement projects have been a result of me crossing things off of my “Tolerations” list.

It’s also about showing our current home a little love because it’s time to move. I’m not sure when or where, but I’m following the internal nudge to get things ready for quantum leaps this winter and 2014.

My secret is when I repaint something I first paint an affirmation to embed that energy in the space and then I paint over it. The affirmation in the master bedroom is “We are wealthy, healthy and in love.” You can see the affirmation in the living room ==>

To Your Soulful Success!