I spent three days this week in beautiful Sundance Utah at an exquisite cabin for a client retreat.

We ate healthy food, we had a full moon ceremony where we created a list of things that were holding us back and burned it in a fire. We then created a clear vision of what we wanted to manifest.

We rode the ski lift up the mountain as the full moon made it’s debut appearance for the night.

My clients left with the exact steps of how to make their big vision a reality.

It was magical. I chose to immerse this group in an environment of abundance, nurturing and beautiful nature. If you always have the same environment with the same people and the same conversations, NOTHING will change.

It’s why I’m taking a handful of women to Italy in October for the ultimate manifestation retreat in a private villa in a vineyard. Imagine what could change in your life when your environment is one of abundance, magic, and possibility.

This week’s article is about how your environment is the thing that is diluting your marketing to fall flat.

There are six things that contribute to your ability to create the business you want:

  1. Intention
  2. Thoughts
  3. Beliefs
  4. Feelings
  5. Environment
  6. Actions

These six things must be in sync with what you say you want, or it doesn’t happen.

Your environment can dilute your intentions and practically convince yourself that you aren’t worth the big vision you have.

Think about a business goal you have right now.

Let’s say you have the goal of creating $100,000 in the next twelve months.

Does your environment support that goal? Your environment includes the people you hang around, the conversations you are having, your physical environment, the car you drive and the chaos/clutter you are tolerating in your life. You environment also includes your relationships.

When I work on this process with my clients, we create the list of tolerations. These tolerations are energy leaks in your life.

Any energy leak in your life is a profit leak in your business.

A common topic that comes up with my clients is their relationship with their partner or spouse. If you are in a relationship with a significant other, does that relationship fuel your business goal or drain it?

Are you constantly having to defend your goals and vision to your partner? Are they negative?

Chances are, if they aren’t working toward their big dreams, seeing you work toward your big dream will trigger them in ways that come across as being unhappy, negative or outright not supporting you.

Their lack of belief in themselves is projected in a lack of belief in you. Don’t accept their fear as your truth.

This is not only with a spouse, but it can be with a child, a friend, or a colleague.

You have to have enough belief in yourself that their lack of belief in themselves doesn’t affect your confidence and the actions you take.

Do you have friends who you can talk to about what is REALLY going on in your life and business? Or are they top surface friendships that prefer to focus on conversations about the latest movies, restaurants and the stress at their jobs? What conversations do you really want to be in?

Your environment matters. It’s a constant reflection to you of what is possible.

You have to change your environment if it’s not supporting your big goals and you as the magnificent person you are.

Yep, this may mean you have to get new friends. Leave a love relationship (or get counseling), get a new car, CLEAN, repaint your office, get a new desk or computer, etc.

Here is the catch: Activities to clean up or change your environment cannot take the place of your marketing. They are done together. Be cautious if you focus on cleaning and organizing instead of making sales calls. Don’t let yourself off the hook from doing the income generating tasks in your business.

It is also essential to get out of your comfort zone often. If you work from home, go to a coffee shop or the library to work one day a week.

Go to a spa. Eat at a nice restaurant. Give yourself the experience of luxury.

If your environment is a reflection of what you don’t want, then change it. Be willing to be bold in changing it.

To Your Success,