January Summary

Jacque_Riehl_Angela_JohnsonWe started off 2009 strong with incredible information on networking etiquette by presenter Jacque Riehl (left in photo), owner of Riehl Events and Eventions. I have received rave reviews on her presentation and I’m excited to continue the momentum with other phenomenal presenters that are scheduled. Download her tips at www.utbizdivas.com. Hold onto your skirts ladies, because this is the year to rise above the recession and embrace success like we deserve. I can’t wait to see you this month!

Here is a summary:

-First impressions are everything – when walking into a room, always look up, never look down. Have good posture and give a good, firm handshake.

-Business Card Etiquette – Only take business cards from people you really intend on following up with. Keep your business cards in a professional business card case – it looks great and tells people that you value your business. Discard any business cards that are creased, written on, or have spills or stains.

-Find a business card at Shapiro (in local malls-Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT and online), Things Remembered and Franklin Covey. Pricing starts at $14.99 and go up to $40. Surprisingly, in my search for an awesome business card case, they can be hard to come by (unless you look online). Things Remembered has several choices that you can have custom engraved, which can be fun. Consider engraving a positive affirmation on the inside cover to remind yourself of your brilliance and abundance. Franklin Covey has a limted selection, however they are classic and seemed durable. The biggest variety I found was at Shapiro in the Fashion Place Mall. They had over 10 styles and prices seemed to average around $30. If you want a huge selection and to find a bargain, of course simply do a Google search for “business card case.” I found dozens of options starting at around $10.

-Other tips included how to politely excuse yourself from a “never-ending conversation,” as well as, how to make the most of networking.

-If you have ever had trouble remembering names, Jacque led us through a great exercise of once you meet someone, say something like “Nice to meet you, (person’s name).” Another person, who remembers things visually, told us that she imagined a label of the person’s name across their forehead. That way you can see the letters while saying their name. Great advice!

-Phone Etiquette – keep your incoming voice mail message to 10 seconds or less. Keep your voice mail message professional with no background noise.

Download the complete handout here.

January 2009 Biz Divas: