Every month a member has the opportunity to give a presentation to the divas about their business. This does a couple of things: it gives the member experience talking in front of a group of people, which is very useful. And it gives the other divas an EXPERIENCE with that member and puts their business in the “top of mind” so they can quickly give referrals to the member. Here is the July Member Highlight:

July Member Highlight:
Linda Radford, Professional Intuitive of Insights
Linda Radford - July member highlightIf you were healthier and more emotionally balanced, how different would your life be?
What would it feel like to move with ease to the next level of success in your career or business?

Linda Radford is a professional intuitive who has helped people with their health, careers, relationships and many other areas. She works with many CEOs and business owners and is here to serve you in your business. Contact Linda at www.Lindasinsights.com.

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