Wow, it’s been months since I’ve posted an article…which is a sign, I’ve just come out of a major reorganization and re-focus on what I love. I allowed myself to get carried away with other tasks that I didn’t really love and now I’m back and it feels good.

It feels awesome to be back in action and creating some pretty spectacular momentum. Plus, I learned how to keep connected in the middle of climbing a taller mountain at a pace I’ve never experienced before. 🙂

I spent labor day weekend in Star Valley, Wyoming, which is the home to my hubby Richard. It was there that I got some amazing ah-has and insights.

Before the weekend, I set the intention to receive clarity and inspiration on what direction to take certain aspects of my business. I asked for more clarity and confidence in my message and the courage to share my passions more broadly. I then just stepped back and allowed to happen what was going to happen.

I was amazed at the simplicity of my answers and found them everywhere.

Ah-ha #1: Just Because I Don’t See Anything Doesn’t Mean Things Aren’t Happening

Looking at the opening of where the water emerges and it "appears" that nothing is happening.

In Afton, WY (one of the towns of Star Valley) there is the Swift Creek Intermittent Spring. There is an underground lake that fills up a pocket just below the surface and when that pocket fills up, it runs down Swift Creek. This happens intermittently every 15 minutes or so during the summer and fall.

It’s crazy to think that this creek only runs about every 15 minutes…yet there is always water under the surface.

I hiked to the top of this creek and I was in awe…

At the top looking down when the creek is running.

Just because you can’t see or hear the water filling just below the surface, doesn’t mean that activity isn’t happening. It just takes patience and trust that nature will keep producing what it’s produced for many years…

How many times in my business did I consider walking away because what I could “see” wasn’t matching what I “wanted to happen.” My logical reasoning was that nothing was happening so I need to move somewhere else.

What would have happened in those moments of walking away, I would have realized that possibly something better than what I wanted was being created, I just couldn’t see it yet?

What I learned at the top of this creek was that there is always movement. Sometimes it’s more subtle than other times and it looks much different than it did last time, than we think it will when we imagine it in our heads, or different than what other people tell us.

The point is that something is happening and it’s up to me to have clarity in my intentions and desired results to know when to be patient, take action or when to move. When I’m grounded in my intentions and clear about it, I will know.

Which brings me to my second ah-ha!

Ah-ha #2: If I’m Not Rooted in My Purpose, I will Lose My Footing

What does it mean to be so laser focused that it doesn’t matter what gets in your way? You know know you are in the right place at the right time, taking the right action for the right reason.

I was walking down the path back to the head of the trail and saw this tree on the steep interface. The tree was at least 20′ tall and it’s roots were twisted around anything near it so it could stay rooted in the earth. The tree wasn’t trying to be or do anything else, just BE what it is. It wasn’t trying to be a rock near the river, or a wild flower patch, it simply is a tree not trying to do anything else.

Where are your roots?

How many times do I lose my footing because I attempt to BE something other than what I inherently am? How often do you lose focus of your vision because another path looks more fun or attractive?

Or we convince ourselves that our path really isn’t our path because the trail get’s a little bumpy or our foundation gets rocked a little?

We’ve all done it.

When we lose focus on who we are, we lose site of how to get there when opportunities come up that can be the window to lead us to our next step.

I asked myself, where are my roots planted? Do they run deep or are they shallow? Are they solid? Have they been imprinted with other items that surround me for support? Do I allow my roots to be entangled with things around me for support or do I disregard them for fear that they may get in the way of what I’m creating?

Ah-ha #3: There is Always Room for Growth

As I continued down the trail, I was in my own thoughts about what I’ve just realized and was feeling very content in my answers I had received from this hike in Afton, Wyoming.

Then I took a quick glance to my left and saw this small 4′ pine tree growing out a rock mountain. I didn’t see any earth, just a sheer face rock and couldn’t believe it.

This tree is growing where circumstances may otherwise be impossible!

Just when I think I’m done growing, there is something more for me to see and experience.

The only question is, am I aware and open enough to see it? Or do I tell myself “I’m complete.” “I already know that.” “I know enough right now to keep me going for a while.”

And, when circumstances attempt to dictate that what I’m focused on is impossible, there is ALWAYS a possibilitiy. The only person it’s up to is me. Circumstances don’t determine who I am or what I’m capable of, it’s my beliefs of the perceptions of those circumstances and what I tell myself is possible or not.

Just like this tree that is growing despite being alone and depsite growing out of a rock, it’s growing. There is the possibility of life every where.

There are dreams every where. Who am I to say what’s possible? If the tree can grow there of all places, my dreams absolutely have a home from which to grow.

And all of this from a hike to Swift Creek Intermittent Spring with my husband and three good friends, Clayton, Kathy and Mike. What a remarkable afternoon.

And what’s even cooler than that is today as I’ve been taking action, I’ve had some obstacles and fixed beliefs come up for me. I just keep thinking about the tree that is still growing despite perceived circumstances. I keep reminding myself that something is always happening even if i can’t immediately see it. Are my roots and actions planted in my purpose?

Which “ah-ha” most resonates with you and where you are at in your business? I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below and share your insights.