I’m not a fan of setting resolutions, however I am a big fan of using your intuition to create your plan. 

Yep I just used the words INTUITION and PLAN in the same sentence. I did it for a good reason too.

Before I get into this week’s specific marketing tips, here is what you can count on from me this year.

  • Soulful strategies: Strategies that are based on YOUR soul purpose and intuition and that are not attached to my agenda. These strategies will be direct to your business AND your soul. You can’t build one without the other.
  • Marketing tips: Tips to grow your business from the inside out and from the outside in. Of course they are infused with spirituality and intuition.
  • Opportunities of how you can build your soulful 6-figure business.
  • Community: Part of my soul purpose is to create community. People who have attended my live events in the past (Ignite Your Spark, Biz Divas and THRIVE) all leave feeling like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They leave feeling empowered to uplevel and they now have a community to support them. Community is my core intention with every event (live and virtual) that I create.
  • Weekly Soul Exercise: Instead of articles that vary all over the place with things you can implement into your business, each weekly newsletter will contain a “Soul Exercise.” These exercises will lead you along the many steps to be a visionary CEO of your soulful business.


2012 was not the easiest year. And at the same time, it was easy because I connected to my soul at such a deep level. My business exploded (in a good way) in 2011 and it brought up a lot of stuff that I faced in 2012. I rolled with it. I faced my own shadows. I resisted the temptation to shrink. Sometimes I did shrink. I healed. A lot.

I got really quiet and withdrew a little (and a lot sometimes) to really focus on my soul and what I really wanted. I spent a lot of time in observation of how I was showing up, how I wasn’t showing up and made commitments to clean things up where I was out of alignment. I did well in some areas and see how I can now do better in others.

I’m human. Every day I reflect and see where I can improve.

Overall 2012, was a BIG mirror of who I was choosing to be and there were a lot of things that I was tolerating. I was playing small in some areas. I was tolerating mediocrity in others. I was crushing it in other areas (whoohoo!).

2012 was a year of completions and alignment. The more I talk with clients, friends, and colleagues, this has been their experience also.

I got more clear on who my ideal clients as a result of my own evolution and growth. I only chose to work with those folks. I got clear on what kind of events I want to produce and attend and I’m ONLY doing what feels really good and juicy.

How do YOU WANT to start off 2013? It’s day 7 and you have a clean slate.

This is the three-step process that has created the biggest momentum in my business and bank account:

Week #1 Soul Exercise: What do you choose?

  1. Get quiet. Get quiet every day. Ask yourself this ONE question: “What do I really want?”
  2. When you create and receive that thing, how do you think it will make you feel?
  3. What can you do in the next 24 hours to FEEL that way?

In a juicy conversation with some soul sisters yesterday, we talked about how our feelings are the bridge that connect our subconscious to our conscious thoughts. If you want to truly manifest something grand in 2013 without your subconscious fixed beliefs (that usually sabotage), focus on your feelings. All of them . And especially the feelings that make you want to disconnect, hide, or avoid. THOSE feelings are powerful to create what you create.

Here is what I’m NOT suggesting: focus on your feelings to the point of not doing anything else, including taking action.

When you get clear on what YOU truly want, not what you think you can get, but what you really want, then you can create a soulful strategy to create and receive it. Until then, your strategies will feel empty, high pressured and you aren’t connected to them.

Next week’s tip is about the biggest epidemic that I’m seeing in women and how it carries over into their business. It’s a hot topic. You don’t want to miss it.

Your Soul work for this week is to do the above three steps.