First, dear ones you are loved. Please receive this.

Second, your work is big and we know it can feel a little larger than life. Remember that you have been chosen and you chose this, therefore you’ve got this. We are here for you. Remember to ask for assistance and guidance. Your ancestors are a big piece of your support team.

Your healing in this lifetime goes beyond you. We say this only to help you lighten the load, not to add any pressure or responsibility on you. Whatever you heal is perfect, you don’t have to feel that you are not doing enough. Healing in of itself spins the energy forward and backward in all space and time in all dimensions and that healing is there for others to receive when they are ready.

The other reason we mention this is that at times we understand that you feel like you’ve already healed certain things. The healing that you want to break loose the blocks in the way of your results you want doesn’t seem like it’s happening fast enough. We assure you that it’s happening quickly and because the healing is going so far and so deep for so many, it can feel intense at times. We are here to support you in moving you through the healing steadily and gracefully. When it feels too intense, or any grief feels too intense, simply take a breath and call in your support. You do not need to do this alone.

This year is about making money more spiritual for you. Really love it and love what you can do with it. Money is holy, claim it to be so. Disconnecting with this powerful creation (money) that YOU have each called forth is denying your full creation. Attached to the money creation are other gifts, so let it all in all the time.

Be conscious of the energies you put yourself into. Only seek the highest conversations, gatherings, roles, tasks, people, relationships, entertainment, everything. Your energy must stay high.

And we are here to assist you with releasing what no longer serves, including people and relationships, which may be the hardest to let go.

You have experienced grief in the past couple of years on some level. Perhaps the loss of a dear one, loss of yourself, maybe even your power, loss of a dream…let yourself feel the grief. It’s okay. Many great people are leaving to do deeper work and to honor their soul contracts with those still living so the living can fulfill their purpose.

Tears are good. Let them come. And please have more fun. Laugh more. Be joy. This is your highest calling. In whatever you do, whatever life lesson you encounter and take on, whatever journey you are on, choose joy.

Lastly, bring all of your gifts into your life’s work. The world needs all of you, not just what you think is acceptable or okay, but all of you, even your shadows and learnings.

Honor your rhythms – the pace for you will not look like anyone else’s. Your rhythm is sacred. Hold it with joy. Honor it. Go within more.

We love you. You are loved. Always. Hold yourself in that truth. Hold others in that truth. When you tap into that, often times that is all someone else needs is to simply be in your vibration and they release the darkness that they didn’t know how to release.

Pay attention to things that distract you – media, comparison, thoughts, technology, you know what it is for you. Just be aware of it and gently shift those habits. This will guide you in bringing in more light and expanding your abundance gateway in all directions rather than a narrow funnel, which you think it is.

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