Someone recently asked me if I work with “newbies.” She assumed that I didn’t.

I work with some newbies, but it’s deeper than that.

I’m not the person who works with people with a Plan B. I’m the person who works with people who are dedicated to building a business.

Plan B isn’t so bad. It’s usually the responsible path. The path of least resistance (at first glance anyway.)

It’s usually the path that we hope will make everyone happy, including ourselves.

How do you choose your Soul Vision aka Plan A, instead of Plan B?

What would happen if you chose YOU? You chose what made YOU happy?

What could happen if you allowed yourself to be SELFISH?

Gasp, can I even say that to a community of women who have been the nurturers, and caregivers, and fixers for decades?

And guys, don’t worry, you’re not out of this either. We all do this to some level – until we don’t.

Here’s the thing, if you judge Plan B, you can’t see your way out of it. What you judge, you cannot change.

The solution is to be aware of what you are choosing and be open to choosing something else. Really, it’s that simple. We don’t need to go into the drama of it all that is based on judging ourselves or trying to people-please.

Being brave and choosing to be courageous is just that: a choice. 

And you will NEVER feel “ready.” At least in the hundreds of conversations I’ve had to on the topic, no one ever feels “ready.”

I didn’t FEEL ready to leave the religion I was raised in when I was 19-years-old. But I knew that my truth was louder than my fear.

I didn’t FEEL ready to host my first live event. My desire was stronger than my doubt.

I didn’t FEEL ready (or worthy) to charge more than $10,000 for my first high-end coaching program. My knowing was bigger than my feelings.

I didn’t FEEL ready to sell from stage for the first time. My strategy and training overcame my inexperience.

But I did it.

When you choose YOU, the courage comes. It doesn’t come a second before. 

What does choosing you even mean? It means to choose what you truly desire and to choose your truth.

It means to be willing to receive the judgment of others because they may not agree with your choice and you are willing to stay true to YOU vs attempting to make others happy.

It’s choosing courage when people who you’ve known your whole life tell you that you are crazy. It’s choosing your own path when the coaches you’ve paid $20,000+ shame you for not working hard enough or “wanting it bad enough.”

Here are my favorite questions to ask so you choose YOU:.

If everyone around you agreed with you and supported you, what would you choose? This is one of my FAVORITE questions that I originally heard from my friends at Tiff and Jack.

If I choose this, what does my life and business look like in five years? If I don’t choose this, what does my life and business look like in five years?

The reason why this question works is it gets you out of your points of view of what you “think” and you tune into the energy of what the choice will really create for your future. 

If I totally trusted myself, what would I choose?

Tip: If you are really committed to your points of view being right, questions like this will often create confusion or frustration. Just notice what you notice and drop the points of view and the need to be right. Ask and follow your truth.