Are you a Creator of Possibilities or a Problem Solver?

This may not be what you think it is.

Traditional marketing is about finding someone’s pain or problem and solving it.

“What problem does your ideal client have? Find that then sell them something to solve it.”

That has been advice I’ve received for over a decade now and while there’s some truth in this, I wonder what would show up in your bank account if you went beyond this obvious and overdone formula?

There is a difference between “solving a problem” and “CREATING possibilities.”

I have a philosophy about this that has been radically been changing my business, joy, and profits for the past couple of years.

This principle of “solving a problem” vs “creating a possibility” shows up everywhere and I see this being the difference between ultimately empowering your client vs enabling them.

Solving a problem puts out fires. Being a creator of possibilities generates far beyond the immediate problem to solve.

Have you noticed that solving a problem begets yet another problem and a continuous cycle of putting out fires can be the norm?

As you read through these simple examples, notice how they feel in your body? Is one more expansive than the other?

You could end up taking the same actions with either scenario, but which one will create longer-lasting results? Which one is more likely to get sabotaged in self-doubt or beating yourself up?

I need $1,000 to pay this bill.
I would like to always have $1,000 in my bank account after all of my bills are paid.

Or the question form: What would it be like to always have $1,000 in my bank account after all of my bills are paid?

I need to fill my group program.
What would it be like to have a waiting list for my programs?

I have to stop eating sugar because it’s bad for me.
What would nourish my body so I have energy and easily fit into the clothes I would like to wear?

One solves a problem.

One creates something bigger.

Attention Truth Guides: this is a big key to sharing your message as a Truth Guide. 🙂