innovationMy old-old-old life: My soul was dying in my corporate life doing the “responsible” thing. (Extreme end of the pendulum.)

My old-old life: I attempted to meditate my way to money. It didn’t work. (The other end of the pendulum)

My old life: I hustled faster to make money. I made six figures but then I got burned out big time. (Back to the other end of the pendulum.)

My new life: I stopped chasing the extremes of the pendulum and stopped long enough to receive what I had actually asked for. I have a growing 6-figure business, BUT more importantly, I love my life. I love my business. I love what I do. I have freedom. (I balance what works and pause long enough to receive.)

Instead of chasing the extremes of the pendulum, are you stopping long enough to RECEIVE what you’ve been asking for? 

Or are you so busy distracting yourself, that you don’t even recognize that the very things you’ve been asking for are RIGHT HERE, but you don’t even see it?

Want to get my four tips to stop the pendulum swing so you actually manifest what you say you want? Scroll down to the video below.

See if you can relate with this…

My old-old life (pre-2008):

I thought I could meditate my way to money. And when it didn’t work, I did a great job of convincing myself that I had a huge money mindset problem and I needed a lot of healing work.

So I got buys trying to heal my way to money.

I told myself that once I got this money mindset thing healed, I would make more money, then I could save more, give back more, and other things I wanted to have with money.

This was wayyyyy on the side of the pendulum where energy could compensate for my lack of action. Frankly, taking action like actually marketing myself and having sales conversations wasn’t even a consideration because that felt so terrifying.

My old life (2010-2012):

After losing $40,000 on my first big event, I knew something had to change. This whole “get my energy right and the money will follow” wasn’t working. And it had effected other people to the point that someone who invested in my first event, was sending me to collections and stopped speaking to me. I still feel sad that our friendship never returned after this ordeal.

I knew that my way wasn’t working and I didn’t know what to do. It’s when I hired my first coach and from that point, I was bringing in over $100,000 in sales into my business within ten months.

I got busy. I got focused. I hustled and worked my @$$ off.

I technically had a six-figure business so I had made it right? I was living dream that everyone in the coaching industry was selling.

At the end of 2012, I blew all that up and started over. I just couldn’t do it another day. This time, I did it my way, while still being teachable, which is crucial.) And in 2014-15, I activated even more magic in my business.

My New Normal:

My business is growing and I love my life. Magic and ease are every-day experiences for me, instead of once in a while when I was really, really lucky. I am confident in who I am, I love to market myself and sales conversations are easy.

I have a waiting list for private clients. My marriage is great. I’m improving my health and relationship with my body; I now have self love.

I actively contribute to causes I believe in, instead of waiting until “someday.” I travel. I have time freedom (some weeks more than others). I hire really great people. I work with really great clients.

Yes, there are days that I get in my $hit and really hard life things happen like death and sadness and relationships evolving and doctors’ diagnosis that scare you.

Overall, my life is damn good. And it started showing up when I stopped chasing the extremes of the pendulum as I describe in this week’s Soulpreneur Sunday. 

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