If I mention money several times in an email, the spam filters catch the email and don’t deliver it to your inbox. Interesting that our society has made money be the bad guy that emails talking about money are “spam.”

I was raised in a household where Money was scarce. I saw patterns of “buy what you want first, then figure out how to pay your bills.” And if you were running short, then figure out who can loan you some money. So there was this pattern of borrowing from one person or thing to pay another.

I have a long line of struggle on both sides of my family. My ancestors were farmers and pioneers…they worked hard for their food (sometimes very little food) and for a simple roof over their head. Even in recent generations, there wasn’t excess to buy nice clothes, go on fun trips or pay for college education.

moneypuzzle_smallSo it would make sense that Money has been one of my biggest (and hardest) life lessons.

When I was in my 20s, I racked up credit card and student loan debt. I had no idea how credit worked, how minimum payments worked or how interest worked. I thought that everyone did this and everyone struggled with money because it’s what I had seen and experienced my entire life.

To actually run into a person who had savings and retirement and a family who took vacations was surreal to me. To see people pay full price for clothing instead of ONLY buying what was at second-hand stores or on the clearance rack was just not a reality that I had lived until I hit my 30s. And even then it has been really uncomfortable for me at times.

During my business, I saw patterns of making $170k+ in revenue in a year, but my cash flow sucked. It felt like I was always hustling to get caught up, to pay for things…even though it was incredibly uncomfortable, it was what I knew.

Then marrying someone whose patterns were about “saving for a rainy day,” security…I didn’t understand this. I couldn’t be more different.

I’m happy to say that many of these patterns have changed and the present day and future are bright and sunny. But it wasn’t always this way and if I didn’t say that I still get triggered around money, then I would be lying.

I choose to work on my money stories every day. I’ve committed to mastering money.

I am a recovering money avoider. A few years back I got certified in Kendall Summerhawk’s Money Breakthrough Method program as a way to help myself first. It helped some…it got the ball rolling. My money didn’t start changing until I got brutally honest with myself and started taking actions.

If you are an avoider like I am, or you know there is a pattern with your Money that you want to heal, here is what has helped me the most:

Part 1. Money is Holy.

Yep. Holy. Holy as in spiritual, divine, part of your connection to source. If this triggers you even a tiny bit, then there is a big breakthrough available for you.

When this message was downloaded to me in a group intuitive session, I felt something in my soul profoundly shift.

Here is what I mean by Money is Holy. Let’s assume that you are connected to consciousness and when your soul came into this lifetime, you knew that part of the consciousness you would be experiencing was Money, along with the other big lessons on our planet: war, love, famine, abundance, pain, healing, etc. Your life is a divine creation, an expression of source.

By denying money from coming into your life, you are denying part of your divine creation…your soul’s purpose…your connection to source. If you deny money from coming into your life, what other part of your amazing gifts are you denying?

More about that in this blog post.

How do you deny money?

  • Telling yourself that you only need enough money for the basics in life and all that matters is the joy in your heart. Do you spiritually override your desire to have nice things?
  • Letting money agreements go – maybe you don’t honor your agreements or you don’t hold your clients to honor their agreements with you.
  • Only investing in yourself IF the money is there first?
  • Loaning money to people to “help” them rather than empowering them to be a powerful creator and actually create it themselves?

There are many examples but just think about it. If you were to receive money as holy, what other parts of you would be loved and expressed in the world?

Part 2: The Million Dollar Questions.

When I teach my 5 Money Gateways training, we talk about the importance of healing your money blocks. The Million Dollar Questions will below will reveal where your money gets stuck. When you answer these questions, go with the first answers that come to your mind.

1. Who would feel threatened if I made more money?
2. Who am I afraid of disrespecting if I make more money?
3. Who am I afraid I will become if I make more money?
4. What relationships will no longer align with me if I made more money?
5. On a scale of 1-10, how much do I trust myself with money?

Part 3: Healing By Itself Won’t Do Anything.

I thought for the longest time if I healed all of my money blocks, then somehow money would magically come into my life. I would get checks in the mail, prospects would call me out of the blue and insist on paying me more than my asking price…lol.

Healing by itself won’t change anything except the feeling in your heart and only for a short time.

You’ve got to ANCHOR in that healing and INTEGRATE the new money beliefs. 

H0w do you do that? Take action my friend. Small action, big action, but most importantly consistent action.

Here are a few of the actions I took to improve my credit, pay off debts and get into integrity with my money agreements: (This is an ongoing process for me by the way. Cleaning up almost a decade of unwise money decisions and “bad” credit doesn’t happen overnight.)

1. Know your numbers to the penny. Exactly how much does it cost you to live and run your business every month. What are the basics? And what is the exact number when you want to hire a coach or a VA? What about that new website you want?

What are your numbers? If you don’t know, then this is your first place to start even before exploring the million dollar questions or healing your money blocks.

2. Communicate. If you agreed to pay something and you can’t pay the full amount, don’t join the witness protection program – communicate and create a new plan. Paying a small amount on a debt or money agreement is better than nothing.

3. Look at your money every day. Yes every day. Log into your checking account and see what money is there. Put the due dates to your bills on your calendar. Look at it. Be in relationship with it. When you see what is there (or not there) and you do it over and over again, you take the emotional charge out of it and see that it’s just a number. When you are clear on what is there and what you WANT there, you find a deeper motivation to take action on the things that will generate money.

4. Track it. People roll their eyes and dismiss this tip the most. But you’ve got to track. When people do this, they are amazed at how much more money they receive than they ever thought. What you focus on expands. If you focus on avoiding money and not looking at it, there won’t be money to look at. When you focus on looking at your money, then there will be more to look at.

I have tons of other money tips and it’s all part of my Soul Vision Abundance program. If this resonates, check out the Kick Start level of my new Soul Vision Business School where you can get my Abundance program along with my other trainings for a deal of the century.

In the meantime, taking on your money in a new vibrant way will change your life. You will experience the riches in life that you didn’t think were “meant” for you. But guess what, abundance is your birthright.

With Love, a Recovering Money Avoider,