I love live events. I love attending them and I love producing them. And they are HARD WORK to produce. If you have organized a live event, even a wedding, you know the work, details and MONEY that it takes. I tell people to produce an event similar to Ignite Your Spark, your hard costs are a minimum of $40k. Yowza!

I taught myself through trial and error how to get butts in seats, attract top-notch speakers, create content, have the best staff possible, all while holding the vision of transformation that the event produces for the attendees as a top priority. I’ve made massive mistakes and I’ve had massive successes.

How did my annual women’s conference, Ignite Your Spark, produce a $70,000 profit difference from the first year to the second year? Yes I said seventy-thousand-dollars.

Simple. It was sales. Not just sales, but how I was DOING sales. How I was having the sales conversation. It was about my belief that I could be good at sales. It was also about how I perceived my value and what it was worth. And I just thought I was producing an event. I didn’t know it would be an evolutionary experience!

If you are a heart-based entrepreneur like I am, the first time I got wind that I had to do SALES in my BUSINESS, I freaked. That was a couple of years ago. And because I was freaked, unwilling, closed-minded and “just wanted to help people,” this fear showed up in my bank account. And it wasn’t pretty.

So I got over it. I continue to get over it. And I’m falling in love with sales more and more. Yes, it is love and it’s funny to think I have this opinion now. And that new belief is showing up in my bank account, which is so cool. I now get to enjoy my business instead of worrying about my business.

People say they don’t like the money conversation or that sales isn’t fun. But let me ask you this…do you like counting money? Do you like writing checks to causes you believe in? Do you like to do what you want when you want because you have the resources?

So sales IS fun. If you are in business you are in sales. I know that is what some of you don’t want to hear. Keep breathing.

If you think you are “selling” by putting an announcement in an email or Facebook, you aren’t selling. You are promoting and creating brand awareness. Sales requires two things: Ask, Ask, Ask and PICKING UP THE PHONE.

Ask, Ask, Ask: If you don’t ask for what you want, without a doubt you will never get it. So ask for what you want. Ask your prospects to work with you. Ask your clients to refer people to you. Keep asking until you get it. Ask different people. Ask people for something diffent. Or ask it differently until you get it. Hearing “no” has nothing to do with you. Keep going!

Pick Up the Phone: While Facebook, email, flyers and advertising are great, picking up the phone is the most effective way to get sales in your business NOW.

Getting sales training is one of the best things I did for my business. And in the moments I regress, I remind myself that through the sales transaction is the most authentic way I serve my clients. Without the sale, I don’t truly serve my clients.

Below is a video I did about my Sales Training 101 in my Video Blogging series “Drive-time with Angela.” Don’t worry, it’s safe and no freeway driving is involved. 🙂 (Don’t ask me why Youtube chooses the most awkward facial expressions for the opening image – that always amazes me.)

Here are two sales resources for you – if you are a women-preneur in Utah, the next Biz Divas is featuring Therese Skelly from Arizona who is our guest speaker. Her topic? You guessed it! How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul! First-time guests are free. See the details below.

Another resource: Attend THRIVE Business on October 13-14. Sales will be one of the hot topics we’ll focus on. The summer special is only $97 per ticket (regularly $297)! That price is only good through July 31.

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