The first step to reaching your goals is to make a decision. Is ambiguity keeping you stuck in self doubt and falling short of accomplishing your dreams and goals?

I’m in process of learning a pretty HUGE lesson. I was getting frustrated about how things weren’t moving quickly enough in my businesses and I realized that I hadn’t FULLY committed to them. I half way committed. I committed when it was easy. I took action when it was convenient. But my goals were still negotiable.

Have you ever moved down a path but with “Plan B” still present in your mind the whole time? Yet wonder why Plan A wasn’t happening?

I remember my mentor Lisa Nichols telling me that until my goals were NON Negotiable, any little thing will get in my way. Any excuse will do.
The first step is to make the decision. This is what I hear a lot of (in my own head and a lot of people around me):

If it’s meant to be then it will work out, I’m not going to force it.

Well that didn’t work out, I guess ti’s not supposed to happen.

The result of this thinking is that once again in our lives and in our business, we settle for mediocrity. We negotiate on our vision. In a way we give up and justify it.

NOW, there is a balance between the flow and getting the job done. There are times when my vision is big enough that the hurdles that come up are not going to make me quit. What the hurdles WILL do though is guide me down a different path but still reaching my vision.

I realized that there were things I was “working on” that I hadn’t full committed to. It was a part-time goal so how could I get frustrated with a part-time result?

The first thing for success is to make the decision that you are going to do what ever you are going to do. When we wait for everything to align perfectly, what we have is waiting.

Look at what you are working on in your life and in your business. Where things are not matching what you want, ask yourself if you have really committed. Chances are, you haven’t.

Let me know what you find.

With Love and To Your Success!