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Dana takes business owners, entrepreneurs and turns them into CEOs of their business. She feels strongly that you need to do your business model, not her business model.

The first stage of being an entrepreneur is to create a job for yourself, some are okay with just that, but others want more. When others want more they begin asking themselves, am I satisfied? Is this what I want? Am I waking up with joy and am I doing what I want? Before they start to expand, they start here.

The second question is what kind of person would I hire to help? The best way to find the right person for you, is to look at the person, not what they are offering. There has to be a connection.  Are they flexible enough, where they allow me to grow in the way I need to- instead of creating me into a duplicate of themselves.

Dana is in the business of transformation. Real transformation takes time and intimate conversations over time. Lasting inspiration and motivation is transformation. You can get addicted to the immediate motivation/inspiration. You have to be more committed to trusting yourself than in believing that there is going to be some magic pill to save you.

You have to be willing to not be liked. Real transformation can get hinged upon our need to be nice or liked by others. You have to be willing to challenge the status quo, to be hated, to be provocative. Even if people don’t like you, it’s not personal; it’s more about what the other person is feeling about your present self, which is fleeting. If you trigger something in someone else, then it’s not personal.

I require my clients to have an amazing life. You can’t have an amazing business without having an amazing life. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty in your life. And you need to get out of your house, get out of your comfort zone, show up, show up, show up. If you go in with the attitude of “what can others do for me”, then you are toast. However, if go in with the attitude of “what can I provide”, if you let go of what you can get out of it, then it is amazing. Keep doing, keep learning.

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About Dana:

Dana Corey is an international speaker and high-performance business strategist. She combines nuts and bolts strategy with walk-beside-you partnership, getting successful business owners beyond what they already know. Her passion is transforming entrepreneurs who feel trapped by the job they’ve created, into CEOs who enjoy the freedom they started their journey for.

Dana’s clients increase their bottom lines so much, even they are astounded. Even better, they do that while taking regular weekends and REAL vacations. Some people think the time off is a side benefit – Dana believes that freedom is the whole point!

Dana has mentored hundreds to entrepreneurial success, facilitated personal growth seminars and trained others to do the same since her 20’s. Her clients include entrepreneurs, small business owners, and Fortune 100 and 500 executives, giving her a unique context for what your business needs.