Unfortunately, a lot of social media strategies are popularity contests. While it can be fun for a second to feel popular, is that really why you want to do your business?

I had a sales conversation with a Facebook strategist years ago who’s focus was to get you 5,000 fans on Facebook. When I asked him how that made me money in my business, or how that helped the 5,000 people who would be fans, his answer was “You need to look the part online so people trust you and know that you are the real deal.”

He had no answer to how paying to get those fans actually helped me, my business or the people I want to serve.

Pinterest. Twitter (I still don’t get it). Facebook. Instagram. Blogs. YouTube. And at least a hundred other platforms.

How do you have time to make all of that work for your business?

And how many of you are doing social media because you “should” or you don’t want want to miss your chance just in case it works?

Social media can be overrated, and it can be a huge time suck. I’m including some tips below, several are from from Heidi Totten, Social Media Strategist who taught on my virtual work day for my clients last week.

  1. Pick two platforms and be consistent. Once you get those streamlined, then you can add another one IF you feel the strategy is there.
  2. Yes, videos are huge. And to get the most out of videos on YouTube, post the video directly onto YouTube. Think about it this way, YouTube and Facebook don’t like each other but they have both invited to your birthday party. They don’t want to see each other, so keep them separate.
  3. Groups can be the engagement you are looking for over Facebook fan pages. DO NOT add people to your groups, let people add themselves. Being added to people’s groups is annoying and rude – it’s almost as annoying as being tagged in people’s posts that have nothing to do with you or your business.
  4. Give great content away. Check out my favorite two tips from Heidi in the video below. It really shifted something for me and you’ll be seeing more free content from me in the upcoming weeks and months.
  5. Repurpose your content. Write a blog post and use it as your newsletter. Then have your assistant go through you blog posts and pull out your brilliance to make into picture quotes/memes and post them onto social media. Link those posts back to your blog post.
    Same for videos: create one video and post it to YouTube, Google + and then post it directly onto Facebook. Then extract the audio from the video and put it on your podcast, using a system like SoundCloud.

How ever you use social media, remember to leverage your strengths.

For example, I’m not great at leading groups in Facebook. I don’t like posting things every day so that is a piece that I hire out. I write the content, my team posts it because it’s really important to me that it’s my voice.

I have a healthy growing business and I have less than 500 fans on my Facebook page. I know my gift is in speaking and events and that is my core marketing strategy over social media. I use social media because it’s important to have a social media presence, and I enjoy interacting with people online.

In other words, don’t sweat it if you don’t have thousands of followers on Facebook.

Additional Resource:
Social Media Course that Gives Back

My friend, client and fellow Activist, Heidi Totten just kicked off her 6-week social media course that is designed for Soulpreneurs.

It’s a recommended donation of $100 and part of this goes to the projects she is doing for kids in Kenya, including supporting schools with Girls for Days and educating them about FGM (Female Genial Mutilation).

You can check it out here: bit.ly/1U97r4j