Ever wonder what to post, tweet and write about with your social media efforts?

The last Biz Divas workshop was on Social Media and it was incredible. I learned that social media is a revolution, not a fad and it’s completely changing the way we market. I feel like for the first time, new companies can create awesome marketing momentum through cost-effective efforts. No longer do companies have to have a $10,000+ retainer with an ad or marketing agency to be successful.

First, check out this awesome article that one of my favorite social media and marketing experts (Jack Hadley @jack_hadley from Lava 7) passed along to me:

Now, do you follow the 70-20-10 rule?

70% is sharing resources
20% is spent in conversations with people
10% is about promoting yourself

Here are a couple of articles I liked about this:



Now what to write about:

Do you have a product or service that helps people? Talk about what results you are co-creating with your clients?

How have you gotten where you are? Share the resources that support you (books, articles, blogs, mentors, etc.)

Share tips. For example, an event planner can share tips on how to throw an amazing holiday party. Or share party etiquette.
Are you a massage therapist or other type of healer? Share tips on what people can do to minimize stress.
Share the inspiration behind your art if you are an artist of any kind.
What are your amitions and state of mind today? Share that, people will relate and you will create authentic relationships.

My personal philosophy is that social media is thriving because we are more interested in relationship marketing than “being sold to.” Social media engages you in relationship marketing and it works.

Do you want some feedback on what you can write about in your social media? Reply to this post with a very brief description of your company and I, along with my readers, will respond and give you some insight. This is the first step in making your social media successful. It’s about supporting each other. When we give, we receive everything we are looking for.