I’ve noticed an interesting thing in selling and people.

Some people are motivated by fear and others are motivated by desire.

The question is, how are you selling in your business?

pushpull-500If you know about the marketing archetypes, there are a lot of Guru Star archetypes that sell using the fear pushing tactics, which I explain in my video below.

The big challenge with this is that Guru Stars are a very small percentage of archetypes, yet most marketing and sales is taught in that archetype. You can see where this creates a problem when you attempt to market and sell your services.

“Pull selling” is when you pull people into their OWN desires and offer a solution from that place.

Fear (push) selling example:
“You don’t want another year of struggling with money do you? You need to work with me to solve what’s wrong.”

An example of someone who has changed a lot of lives by using the Push Selling technique is  Dave Ramsey who encourages people to change their money by promoting fear of being in debt.

Push selling is based in more telling people what their problem is and that you can solve the problem for them. (Tell people the problem, tell them how to fix the problem.)

Desire (pull) selling example:
“What is that thing that you really desire with money – the thing you haven’t allowed yourself to do or have because you can’t afford it? What if you became the person who could easily afford that? Let me help you create that life for yourself.”

An example of this could be the movie and book “The Secret.” The whole principle is to visualize what you desire and create from that place.

Pull selling is based in asking more questions to see what the prospect really wants then inviting them to get support to create it. (Inspire the desire, inspire them to CREATE what they desire.)

Chances are you have been taught to drive home the “pain points” in your selling – otherwise people won’t buy. And yes, there are some people who are motivated by the fear. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you choose to change your life.

Others are done with being told what’s wrong with them and how they can change it. They change their life by feeling pulled by their desires.

What kind of sales experience do you want to buy from? What kind of position do you want to hold when you sell?

Either of these tactics are wrong or right. They are just different.

Just some food for thought…

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