{Soulpreneur Sunday} Breakthroughs Without a Breakdown

sp_sunday_7-5-15What could be possible if we stopped glorifying “the breakdown before the breakthrough?”

Maybe you can relate with a cycle I used to get stuck in about how strong I was to endure struggle as a way to prove I was worthy for the reward at the end of the struggle.

What if we just chose the breakthrough instead of putting ourselves through the heaviness of long, drawn-out breakdowns (or short breakdowns) as a way to be worthy or deserve the success we desire?

Can we simply choose the uplevel and breakthrough instead of working our @$$es of and getting stuck first?

Let’s find out.




  1. Katy Tafoya

    Love this Angella. Something we can all choose to do differently from this moment on. Here’s to more fun, more ease, and more successes because it’s what we choose to experience. #moreofthis

  2. Misty

    How enlightening to say the least. I love how you naturally see through what is in front of us to get to the inobvious truth, that will set you free.

  3. Louise

    Where’s my easy button??? I’ll have more of that please 🙂

  4. Meg Hinds

    I love your bare naked face! After gym glow is the most beautiful skin ever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts darlin. I’m making big plans and lot’s of time for dance breaks…..and breakthroughs!!! If you need a dance break in you life you just call me. Take care and keep up the good work!


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