If you’re committed, you “make it happen.” Right?

Yeah, not so much. You’ve probably been told things like “if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen.”

So what’s wrong with you when you push, work harder, focus, and do what ever else you can, but it doesn’t happen?

Often, as soulpreneurs, we tell ourselves things like:

  • It wasn’t meant to be.
  • I must have more inner work to do.
  • My money mindset keeps screwing up my life (that’s what I told myself for years.)

Can you relate?

I was talking to a client of mine (who inspires me every time he and I talk) and he used this analogy about manifesting:

He’s outdoor enthusiast and when he rides his bike, every time he pushed down hard on the petal, it was easier to lose control. When he stopped pushing so hard, he actually enjoyed the ride.

It’s just like manifesting, or actualizing at folks in the Access world like to call it.

When you force it, it’s likely to lose control. Or you lose yourself completely in the hustle of making it happen.

What if the way to easefully and create and manifest is to just forget about it?

Last summer, I really wanted to go to the Ray LaMontagnue concert at Red Butte Gardens in Utah. Ray is one of my favorite artists and Red Butte is this gorgeous outdoor venue for where you can bring your own food and wine. Watching the sunset listening to fabulous music with friends and wine is one of my all-time favorite summer pastimes.

Ray rarely tours so tickets sell out FAST. I was only able to get two tickets.

But…I had this thought one day where I imagined my hubby and I enjoying the concert with my friend and my sister. First of all, my sister lives in Maryland so how was THAT going to happen?

This concert with my friend really meant a lot because this would be the first concert at this venue she would be attending since her husband passed away. I went to my first concert at this venue with my friend and her husband, he was a father figure to me.

So there was emotion to this daydream. While the concert was sold out, I still took a few minutes to imagine what it would be like.

Then I forgot about. I looked on Craigslist for tickets and wasn’t willing to pay $250+ for each ticket. “What else is possible,” was running through my head.

I simply asked, “What would it take to get two tickets with total ease?”

Within a few days a friend of mine asked me if they wanted two extra tickets to see Ray at Red Butte. They had friends who were sponsors of the venue, etc, etc. and they weren’t going to go.

So not only did I get four tickets, but two were FREE in the VIP seating close to the stage.

As I sat on the lawn of this venue enjoying wine and food with these gorgeous souls, the scenario I had in my head weeks previous, was exactly what I was experiencing.

{Side note: literally as I’m typing this, Ray pops up on my Pandora station – I love synchronicity.}

Here’s the big epiphany I had: this is how I create the most magic in my life.

I daydream about something, I feel it, I ask a couple of questions, then I practically forget about it. And then it shows up.

In 2008 when my boss Todd asked me what I wanted to do with my life (other than have my soul die in that cubicle), I said “I want to empower women, starting with myself. And I want to work with women and kids in Africa.”

I had never thought about those words consciously. They just popped out of my mouth. At that time, I didn’t have the tools I have now to create magic. Little did I know that I was speaking that very thing into existence. Five years after those words were spoken, I was working with women and kids in Africa and my entire business has been centered around empowering women.

Maybe Forgetful Manifesting is how you best create to. If so, here are some simple tips:

  1. What do you desire? Daydream about it for a few minutes. Get into how it feels. Let yourself go there.
  2. Ask some questions:
    • What else is possible?
    • What would it take to have, be and receive this as if by magic?
    • What action can I take right away so this shows up with ease?
  3. Go out an play. Live your life. Don’t obsess over it.
  4. LET GO OF YOUR ATTACHMENT TO IT. Have high intention, low attachment as Jack Canfield says.
  5. Trust. And have a freakin’ good time while the universe is arranging things so you have what you’d like.
  6. Be willing. If you aren’t willing for things to be easy, then guess what? You get to be right.

I wonder what magic you can be and receive by forgetting about stuff more often?