soulsunday_spaceI was avoiding my office for months – it was too convenient to find any other distraction from actually going in there.

I work from home and so distracting myself with “life” stuff is already easy. I’m really good now about when my office hours are open, I’m focused and when the “office is closed,” I’m not working.

I had convinced myself that it was a great space. I had a view of my favorite tree in my backyard.

I even painted my office and installed nifty shelves in the closet as a way to avoid the fact that it was the smallest room in the house and I had cramped myself into the space.

So I hired someone to assist me with the piles of stuff to go through and file. I moved my office and now I actually enjoy when I’m working. I’m way more focused and productive when I’m working.

Is your space a reflection of what you are aspiring to create? Or what you are tolerating?

Take an inventory of everywhere you spend your time? People, your car, your clients, your home, your office, your computer…

What could open up if your space truly reflected what you are creating? Are you due for an office move too?