What could happen if we linked our roots like the Redwoods?

Any energy leak in our life turns into a profit leak in our business at some point. What if the solution to fixing the leaks is to receive more support from the right people?

This, along with many other insights came about from my time in gorgeous California in the Redwood National Park last month when I took a 3-generation road trip. My sister and I took my mom and grandma to the Redwoods.

It was remarkable to hear stories from the past of my grandma taking a stand for herself in a time where women couldn’t vote and were viewed as less-than-equal.

I don’t think she realized the path she was setting for her daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters. I am deeply grateful.

Seeing the redwoods made me realize how strong we can be when we stick together. Not sticking together through obligation or because we “should,” but from total choice and expansiveness. The redwoods actually have a very shallow root system and the only way these 200-300 foot trees can stay standing is by linking their root structure with nearby trees.

Standing among these majestic trees made me realize how connected we all can be with each other but in order to be supported, we have to allow it. This was a remarkable realization for me, especially considering an experience I recently had that had me take a look at competition vs collaboration.

Consider what kind of support system you and your business require to grow the way you desire.

What could happen in your business with more ease if you allowed yourself to be supported?

Would you be willing to view your team as partners in your success instead of “I’m the boss, they work for me.”?

Could you make a bigger impact for more people if you allowed and reciprocated more support in your life?