Your monthly income goal may actually be a trap.

Your monthly income goal may actually be a trap.

If your “marketing plan” often sounds like “how can I make money this month,” then this week’s tip will guide you to create consistent income without the worry. And even if you do have an actual marketing plan, but you aren’t seeing the financial results you would like, then listen up for an easier way.

It sounds sexy to have a $10,000 a month income goal, or $5,000 or $20,000. So you get yourself psyched up, you may even tell your coach to add some accountability, and you shoot for the stars.

But month after month of not reaching that income goal, your confidence sinks, the bills stack up, and the worry takes over.

I used to live in this place regularly. Then I stopped thinking about the money.

And every time I do what I’m teaching you in this week’s Soulpreneur Sunday episode, I make more money and most importantly, I make it with ease instead of the hustle that was causing adrenal fatigue among other things.

When you aren’t making the money you desire and you set a big monthly goal, you are focusing on the gap (the money you aren’t making).

Instead, you want to ask this question and let go over things like low-cost products and programs until you are making a consistent amount of money each month.

Get the question in the video below and simplify your money-making process.