“Angella, you’ve managed to take all of the joy out of your business.”

This is what my kick-ass project manager told me. She reminds me of this often.


Because I can over-complicate the hell out of things.

I’m a visionary. If you are a visionary, then you can relate.

You get inspired ideas and it’s usually more exciting to create those ideas rather than the things like sales and marketing in your business.

And maybe you are even like me and you love the process of creating. You get really creative.

You also have a tendency to want to be accessible to various levels of clients and customers. This can create the “I’ve got something for everyone” syndrome.

But before you are done creating the one thing, you get the inspiration for the next thing.

So you create and create. But you never finish. The ideas never get to the point of getting marketed; they rarely, if at all, make you money.

Thus the cycle of our creation genius starts and continues. Then you wonder why you are getting burned out and feeling frazzled.

soulsunday_simplify-350I see this happen all of the time with my clients and other soulpreneurs. I can fall into this trap too, which is why I gladly welcome the reminder from my project manager to keep things simple and fun.

If you want to create a more solid financial foundation for your business then keep your focus to one, maybe two offers, for 30-90 days.